Youth Sensitization (PREMARITAL SEX) – Gbebikan Adeyemi

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By; Gbebikan Adeyemi – New York City

While the 21st century is faced with a lot of challenges, some are minor,some major, premarital sex is a major challenge of this age. The term premarital sex is a common term in this age, which means sex outside marriage or legitimate covers. The singular acts has birthed some other serious problems such as – over population, school dropouts & abortions ;which leads to death most times, etc.

However,there are couple of factors responsible for this maniac. One is,the family background. It is generally believed & accepted that,the parents are the first mentors & role models a child has. As such the actions of the parents are imperative to the way a child lives his or her life. If a family is grounded on premarital sex,there is a high tendency that a youth from such family will be a victim of premarital sex. Another way by which the family is responsible for youths engagement in premarital sex is lack of proper sex education for a child. In Africa, teaching a child about sex appears like a bad act,however it is not. A thorough & proper sex education helps in shaping a child’s perspective about sex, mostly premarital sex and it effects.

Another factor is the media. Virtually what we see on television, dailies & social media;Facebook, Twitter are promoters of this maniac. Many youths have labeled the media as their gateway to been victims of premarital sex.

Furthermore, the peer group. The kind of company a youth keeps defines some kind of actions they are propelled to take. And many friendship in this age have there bedrocks on immoralities. Many youths would say they have a boyfriend or girlfriend as a result of seeing their friends doing so and having constant sex.

As I retire my pen,it is important to state some possible solutions to this maniac. One is,parents should endeavor to lay good moral examples for their kids. Teach them the basic and essential things they(children) needs to know about sex,the implications of premarital sex and lots more.

Furthermore, the media should be sensitized & sanitized. Be reformed & restricted from aiding or promoting immoralities.

Lastly, social groups,religious body and possibly the government should constantly organize enlightenment programs for the youths about sex,self-control & other conventional issues.

Conclusively, if the measures stated above are looked into and the causes of premarital sex are dealt with,the maniac will be reduced to the bearest minimum in our society. Thank you!

Gbebikan I Adeyemi.


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