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24th of May, 2019.

Oyebamiji Oladimeji

A yoruba youth group, under the auspices of Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide (YCYW), has issued a 7 days ultimatum to the fulani herdsmen operating in the region which was tagged “Operation Sweep Clean”

In a press released obtained by THESNIPERNEWS and signed by the founder and national president, Aremo (Barr) Oladotun Hassan, the group had called for the eviction of the Fulani herdsmen out of all south western states, “rising from her National Executive Council meeting in ile ife on 23rd May,2019, in view of the recurrent decimal of flagrant brutal killings by the gun wielding terrorist Fulani Herdsmen/Boko Haram, aggressive invasion and violent attacks and alleged kidnapping of innocent Yorubas and Nigerians domiciled in Yoruba Land, gross violation of fundamental rights to human dignity leading to serial and merciless killings of innocent youths, rising wave of insecurity across the nation in Lagos around Ojokoro, ibadan to ife road, ibadan to Ijebu Ode/Benin Ore road, Ekiti to Akure and other highways kidnappings and robberies, incessant records of brutal ritual killings to mention a few, precipitating our unanimous resolution via final 7 days quite notice to all fulani herdsmen/boko haram to stay off all our territories, towns, villages and highways in all southwest states predicated on the launched mass movement”

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Further, the group reinstated that, failure to adhere to their warnings, would leave them with no other option than a forceful eviction of the Hausa/Fulanis in the region.

The group also accused the Federal government of protecting the herdsmen, which in the end, can only lead to provoked aggression, anarchy and authoritarianism “We have it on record, that the FG has proven to protect this fulani hersdemen with an additional approval of radio station licencing to fulani radio station network across the nation.

Consequently, this is a direct nexus for provoked aggression, anarchy and authoritarianism.”

The yoruba youth group, at the end of their press release, demanded special dialogue with President Muhammadu Buhari to intimate him on the group’s anonymous resolution, “we demand for a special Yoruba youth dialogue with President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR being a father and president of the nation, this shall serve as a means of intimating him on all the aforementioned, in order to cross fertilize ideas on the current state of the nation affairs and other issues of mutual interests, as the nation’s present and future heirs, as well as YCYW being the umbrella body for the Yoruba youths.”


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