When Corruption Rebirth Itself In Manifold

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By Adeyemi Gbebikan

By now, I know a lot of people know that I am a critic of this government. Criticism is the bedrock of any democracy in any part of the world.

Let’s talk about the corruption in this government. By now, it shouldn’t be a thing of surprise to anyone that President Buhari runs perhaps the most corrupt government since Late Abacha. While Nigerians thought electing Buhari was going to be the end of the hearing about the looting of government funds, the reverse is the case, because now they actually have to hear more and more cases of corruption almost on daily basis.

In 2015 Major General Buhari and now President Buhari was so emphatic on this government coming to fight corruption. But today, this government has rather enhanced corruption than fighting it. All of Nigeria’s biggest corruption cases happened under this government. This brings us to ask the serious question of, WHERE IS THE BUHARI THAT WANTED TO FIGHT CORRUPTION???

Let’s talk about some certain big corruption cases that happened between 2015 and now, under the government that claimed fighting corruption as their mantra.

Let’s start with the recent Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) case. Over 81 billion naira was misappropriated in five months under the watch of a president that is supposedly big on fighting corruption. Like the looting is not enough, when the Managing Director, Dr. Daniel Pondei was asked to account for the money spent, he became a Nollywood actor by fainting. 81 billion naira in five months and you still think this government has any credibility left in the fight against corruption? On top of it, the Minister in charge of the commission, Godswill Akpabio had nothing meaningful to also say about the whereabouts of the money.

We won’t forget that it was also under this government that, the chairman of the anti-corruption institution, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) was arrested and accused of corruption. Ibrahim Magu was looting the looted funds the government had claimed to retrieved. One would begin to wonder the type of people, President Buhari is appointing to strategic positions, as a leader who claims he wants to fight corruption. Buhari himself is the corruption and I am not sure he can fight himself.

Under this same government, a governor from the president’s party and who is also a strong ally to the president was caught on camera, not once, not twice receiving kickbacks in dollars from contractors, yet the president did nothing, instead praised the governor. I am talking about the governor of Kano state, Umar Ganduje.

We won’t forget also that, under this government, billions were also looted in NNPC in 2017. Resulting in the Group Managing Director, Maikantu Baru to be suspended. Up until Baru’s death in May 2020, there was nothing to show for all the corruption that engulfed NNPC under him and Buhari.

Stated above are just a few out of many more cases of corruption that have happened directly under the nose of President Buhari and yet nothing has been done. It is clearer that, Buhari’s fight against corruption is only a mirage and a way to merely get at any perceived political enemies, in real sense you can be corrupt and be Buhari’s friend, once you’re an APC member.

Like I said in a tweet and I quote ” by 2023, Abacha’s loot would be a learner to what the government of President Buhari would have stolen from Nigeria and Nigerians”.

This government should tender an apology to ex-President Jonathan and the PDP for accusing them of corruption, this government led by Buhari is the mother of all corruptions. If this government would have an alias, it should pick between corruption or poverty or insecurity, but I’d strongly suggest CORRUPTION.


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