Understanding Who You Are And Trying To Be Yourself – Gbebikan Adeyemi

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Today,we are living in the most competitive century, age or generation. Everyone wants to be above the next person. Even wives wants to be richer and better than husbands, what a time in human race!

However,I began to see many people failing to meet up the competitive demands of the this century, but good enough I realized why they are failing- they are fake not real! They refused to be themselves trying to be another person or wanting to forcefully use another person’s principles to success.

One secret I discovered in life is that we got different potentials,as such we can NEVER use same principles to become successful, though we could have similar principles. Pastor Enoch Adeboye,the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God is one preacher who preaches very slowly, but you certainly get blessed. In other pastors desire to get people blessed, they began to try to speak slowly, but guess what? They built a more boring Church than a blessed one. Adeboye is our father,but his personal ways ain’t our personal ways! Let’s find our own bearing!

Sometimes ago in secondary school,our teachers usually talk to us about burning candles and reading at night,it sounds good when they advised us to read at night,while some students tried it and got to be more brilliant, I tried it and I remember it was government note I tried reading, the note was by my leg when I woke up next morning- night reading not my way and I never forced myself or tried it again!

Beloved,don’t force any man’s principle upon yourself no matter how much you admire the man,take proper time to understand your own self,set principles that suite your nature and your individual differences as human. Be yourself!

My great friend, Ojebode Isaac Ayomide once told me he was tired of listening to different speakers principles to success,he said when you listen to this,his principles are different to the principles of that,definitely his own principles will be different too. Take Ayo’s word,it is the truth,your principles to success will be different from mine.

Quote “believing in oneself is the beginning of success”.

Gbebikan I Adeyemi.


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