Wednesday, May 12

TOWARDS 2019; Discussion of Solutions

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SANGO, Ibadan | Samuel Olumide

Nigerians! Here is the hour to discuss solutions to the problems we are encountering and nurturing not for the sake of conferment but for the sake of altering.

Enough of our whimpering, Complaints, carping, caterwauling, inveighing cum elongated yammering. It will be mind-boggling to emblazon a mind-disturbing words without reflection and translocation of the change we demand.

It is time to discuss the solutions and not the problem! We’ve spent too much time talking about problems which are very difficult to deal with. I’m in mouth agape due to the nation’s Lacuna of well leadership. I keep asking myself and close cronies why am I aback in regards to the imbalance structured of the nation, then I realised, this is not a million dollar question but a rhetorical interrogative question which demands all effective struggle.

In regards to some of the read allocated finances of the nation fund, it is being realised that 228b for election, 60m monthly for the president, 24million for senators, 50million to the vice President, minimum wages 18,000.

With all sense in all sensed individuals, it’s imperative a change occur, in as much a move has not been made by the masses representatives then the Youths have to alter a positive remarks to the salvage of the nation.

Enough of our support to the incapable government, Enough of our wailings in regards to inadequacies and nation’s deficiencies. It’s either the past and present cabinet continue in the same raging of the state of the nation or the youths create a new environment where competitive politics can drive fresh, innovative ideas which in turn will help change our hyperbolic rhetorical crusade to resolution driven campaign!

The change we demand is in the hands of the youths! For effectiveness, The P.V.C is sacrosanct.


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