This Time Too Shall Pass Away, Think Less – Gbebikan Adeyemi

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Life is like a book,that consists of different chapters. And every avid reader will agree that while reading a book,some chapters are so interesting & some boring.

The interesting chapters reflects the good times we have as human beings on earth. The time when we have all we so desire and even more. It is however more interesting that in this chapter of life,people don’t think,the comfort of what they have encapsulates them and their thinking faculty. I wouldn’t blame them,I knew since I was a kid that,comfort is dangerous!

Moving to the boring time,which signifies the hard and perilous times. This is our area of concentration though. You will find people so devastated when they find themselves in this phase of life. You would need no one to tell you life is not fair with them,technically the whole stuff appears on their faces.

In this phase of life,people tend to think and think very deeply. They think the good and the bad way out of their challenges,however most of these people do not have the right mindset. In every condition or phase you are in life,you have to always remember one thing; THIS TIME TOO SHALL PASS AWAY. One Yoruba proverb says,sweet times don’t last forever, if you know sweet times don’t last forever, then you need to come to understanding that perilous times don’t last either.

Many young folks suffer high blood pressure thinking about the rough times,then I ask myself a question ;if I technically kill myself because of ephemeral problems, what strength will I have to enjoy life when things come back to be rosey.

As I retire my pen,I want you all to understand that life is in a circular shape and it makes a 360 degree turn always,today it may make a comforting turn,tomorrow maybe a discomforting moment,but no time lasts forever, so be wise!


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