The Strange Woman – Gbebikan Adeyemi

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I will try to be very concise on this essay, but still make it very understandable, even at the first reading. 

This write up is divide into four categories;

a. Who is a strange woman.

b. What does a strange woman do?

c. How does she achieve her dream?

d. The result of the strange woman in a man’s life.

Who is a strange woman?

A strange woman is this very beautiful, charming and attractive woman. She comes in form of light, but with the real intention of bringing darkness upon a man’s life. No man, I repeat no man can avoid the strange woman once you meet her, the only way out is never to meet her at all.

What does a strange woman do?

The strange woman has one assignment, the assignment is to derail a man from his original purpose in life. She’ll design a lot of demonic dreams to appear like the man’s original dream. How sad!

How does she achieve her dream?

She does three things to get man and derail him. She makes the man forget God. When God is absent, anything else can be present, the strange woman inclusive, Lucifer inclusive.

She takes the man’s mind away from his family, friends and everyone else that can help him. She understands that, people have strong will to convince her prey, so she makes sure she takes him far from them.

She presents failed and demonic dreams to a man, like that’s his original dreams and purpose for or in life.

The result of a strange woman in a man’s life.

The result is clear and simple; she brings DEATH.

For References;

Adam and Eve.

Samson and Delilah.

King Ahab and Jezebel.

Gbebikan Adeyemi,


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