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The Small Beginning; a Basic Concept of Entrepreneurship – Gbebikan Adeyemi

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Taking my condition as a subject matter, I might not be in the best position to talk about businesses or how to make wealth. Why? I’m not rich . By every standard, financial wise, I’m poor.

Continuing, if potential and wisdom would be the judge, then I’d brag about being worthy to write this. This is not to be boastful, it is just stating realities.

Since I was a lot younger, I’ve had opportunities to attend a lot of business seminars and I was able to learn a lot. Talking about opportunities, as a young boy or even now as a young man, I’ve equally had the privilege of meeting successful entrepreneurs, politicians, lecturers, religious leaders and a lot more. All these experiences has further sharpened me.

In all the conversations I’ve ever kept with successful individuals, the emphasis on small beginning is overstretched. They would tell me that, for everything to grow big, it has to start small, continuous efforts and abilities to continue to unveil secrets will make it grow.

Starting a business is very challenging, a lot of fears ; the fear of failure, the fear of condemnation, the fear of competition, etc. So, the wisest way young entrepreneurs can go, is to start small , but don’t ever remain small.

Starting a business small is not only a good idea, but also an avenue to explore the in-depth of what you’re going into. Have had to talk to young people with fantastic ideas, but with an error based mindset, who feels if they have to go into business, they have to start very big.

Taking myself as an example, aside the school life of taking classes to be a journalist, my main business idea is in the real estate. And I’ve been taking time to study how to make it work. But one thing I understood was that, millions is needed to make it work, I obviously don’t have millions, but I’ve a little money in my accounts, I decided to venture into another business with my little capital, that could help me start and eventually if I grew , I’d go back to my real estate idea. Today, with God’s grace and human efforts, I’ve a small scale business to my name , which in return yields weekly profits. This is not to be boastful, but to rather be inspiring.

Everyone is endowed with a brain , with ultimate function to think. There is something you can think about and with efforts , it would yield results. Think today!

As I retire my pen, I’ve to share with you that, to start up a business, the God factor is constant. The place of prayer is sacrosanct. Asides prayers, you must be wise enough to understand that, there is a problem, and that if you provide solution, you can make money out of it. Today, I challenge everyone , to be business minded.

Gbebikan Adeyemi,


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