The Polygamist (Part 1) – Gbebikan Adeyemi

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A man with more than one wife is referred to as a polygamist, the polygamous type of family is common is Africa and also very synonymous to Islam, because the holy Qur’an supports it.

To interest you further, I’m from a polygamous family. My late father had four wives with eleven kids.

In Nigeria, the polygamous family is often seen as a battle field. It has been proven that a lot of hate, fights and enemty is breed in a polygamous family.

In a further report, it has been proven that most fights in a polygamous family often result to a case whereby people go diabolical against each other,using all sorts​ of magical and demonic powers to have their ways.

Well, in my personal research I realized that there are three types of polygamist and that’s where we’d be looking at the more.

The first type is a willing polygamist, this type of polygamist are the most. They’re either motivated by their religious belief (mostly Muslims) or by their wealth or social status. They see it as something imperative to be with more than one woman at a time. It is their candid opinion and they live by it, not caring about what other people has to say.

The next are the accidental polygamist, they never intended to be a polygamist, but by mistake they got in the league or by being choiceless. Most men in this shoes​ are either men who got involved with two women simultaneously and couldn’t afford to let any of them go or  who by mistake after marriage impregnated another lady.

And the last one, the coerced polygamist or forceful polygamist. My father was a victim of this category, based on the story I heard. The men in this category are basically forced by their mothers most times to marry as many as possible wives, basically because such men are the only child of their mother. In line with the African​ belief, a woman with one child is not different from a barren, so mothers with one son/child always force their sons to marry early and marry many wives, so as to inherit many grandchildren.

Well, in my candid opinion I have stated that people should be left to do whatever they feel like doing when it comes to marriage, in as much as it is free from domestic violences and abuses, that translates to the fact that , I have no dislike for those who gets involve in polygamy, even though I have stated clearly my dislike for being a polygamist , primarily because my religion is against it and my mother’s strong warning against it.

I’m dropping my pen in this part with a short note to polygamist or everyone aspiring to be one someday, polygamy is a time demanding exercise, that demands wisdom equally with abundance patience, therefore a fool or an inpatient man is unfit for polygamy, just as a poor man is unfit for polygamy as well.

Thank you.

Gbebikan Adeyemi,


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