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The Next Chance And The Next Choice; Nigeria in 2019 – Gbebikan Adeyemi

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Elections are occasional chances to make a right choice or correct a previous wrong choice in the political system or setting of a nation.

In different parts of the world, there are different time span for elections to come up. In Nigeria for instance, elections are done in four years interval,we have other countries such as Tanzania who does five years interval.

Since 1993,every election in Nigeria has been a decisive one, the most crucial one was the last one we had in 2015. Prior the election , both international and local communities have had a lot of negative predictions towards the election, with many saying it may spell disintegration for the nation, but everything turned otherwise.

Still on the 2015 election, the election ushered in the long awaited opposition parties, who formed a merger under the name, All Progressives Congress (APC), all for the election with the sole aim of winning power from the 16years reign of the PDP. Fortunately, they won and it brought in change.

However, since May,2015 Nigerians both home and abroad have witnessed a retrogressive kind of change, other than the supposed one, the APC had preached prior the election and even after their victory at the election.

In the space of two years , 2015- 2017 Nigerians have grew poorer , unemployment on it highest rate, economic recession, abuse of human rights and general poverty. Basic commodities of life has become too expensive to afford, and even workers are owed several months of unpaid salaries and a lot more.

Leaving our current predicaments aside, like I’ve often maintained that, we don’t have to always talk about the problems APC/Buhari has brought to us alone, we must constantly think and talk about how we will correct the errors come next election in ,2019. It will be foolish, more foolish and most foolish of us as Nigerians to give the APC another four years to move ahead, as that will spell doom and ruin for this nation. In view of that, what’s the way forward in 2019?

Right from 2016, we’ve had to see couple of the big figures in the Nigerian political system, already showing interest to retire the failed President Mohammadu Buhari. Amongst them are, the Waziri of Adamawa and former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, former Jigawa state Governor, Sule Lamido, Ekiti state Governor , Ayo Fayose,etc.

In many conversations that I’ve kept with people ahead of the 2019 presidential election, I’ve always maintained that in 2019, we do not need a mediocre or a rabble rouser. We need a man who will speak and do exactly what he has said he will do, and even more.

We could have many aspirants, even more than the ones I’ve mentioned above, but this time we shouldn’t be carried away by politics or our personal likeness for a politician or party. We must come to the united knowledge that, our love for a politician or political party won’t correct the damage APC has caused this nation, however we must queue behind a credible fellow, with groundbreaking records in previous political office(s) or in whatever field of practice.

Today, like many other young and vibrant Nigerian youths, I’ve a candidate I’m rooting for already. Many, including the former President , Olusegun Obasanjo has even endorsed him. His mouthwatering achievements in his past accounting field and even as a second term governor of his state is a lot to write home about. Who is this man?

Read the next part of this article; The Man To Take The Chance and you will find out.

Gbebikan Adeyemi,
(King Oracle, Olu Aye).


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