The Biggest Lost – Gbebikan Adeyemi

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The Biggest Lost.

Contrary to many people’s philosophy, I have adopted late Dr Myles Munroe’s ideology, that death ain’t the biggest tragedy, but a life without a purpose is.

Often time, I tell people around me, I do not have an iota of fear for death, all I just want is to never to die before my mother.

Many people live to be rich, famous and acquire a lot of properties in the good places of life, but life is way bigger than wealth, popularity and fame. Deeper than all these, is the grace and enablement to fulfill why you were born to live.

Uncountable people have died in this world, but you will agree with me that, there some people who have died centuries upon centuries ago, but yet their names and impacts to humanity will still be spoken about tomorrow over tomorrow. Example of such are, Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, Albert Einstein, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, etc.

As human we must desire to live beyond the the earthly stuffs, and learn to dig deep on why we are here. The importance of discovering who you are and why you were created will make you live, even after many years, up to centuries that you are gone, because you would have been able to carry-out activities that can never perish.

Since sometimes in September 2014, when I discovered finally why I was here, I have been working very hard without stopping to keep doing what I was born to do. In the space of 3 years I have been able to play my role in giving lives to those who seem life was not worth living, I have by God’s grace returned smiles to a crying face. I have agreed that my life is a life of service, and I serve without fear or favor.

Today, discover yourself through a very deep self-study and see why you are here, do what you need to do and you’ll see yourself flourishing and even live after your souls depart from this sinful, but sweet world.

Beloved, don’t just and live and die, live to die and to die to live again, through you works!

Thank you!

Gbebikan Adeyemi


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