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The Atiku Presidency – Gbebikan Adeyemi

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To start with, I am grateful to God for a time like this, because in all situations we are bound to be grateful to God.

As you all know , I hit the nail on the head , I say the truth always , irrespective of who is hurt or crying. I’ve said it many times , I will rather say the truth and have no fans , than to build a huge fan base on lies and deceits.

You see, at this time in Nigeria , it is no longer a hidden secret that, the government in town has failed and they failed very woefully. Some failures are petty , that you may want to give it a try again , that maybe this time it could turn out well. But in case of APC and Buhari , their failures don’t deserve another trial, else Nigeria will be doomed.

I am a very realistic person, I know certainly no government can change the state of Nigeria in 4yrs , but I mean a lot can be done in 4yrs that will be of meaningful impact to the growth and development of Nigeria and Nigerians. But in the case of these people , nothing, I mean nothing meaningful has come out of them , that serves as a hope that , the future of Nigeria is bright under them. Shall we recount the massive failures under them ? Which includes ; recession, abuse of human rights, not obliging to court orders , massive corruption cases , wasting government resources on foreign medical trips and a host of many more disastrous things.

In February this year, I wrote an article and I tagged the President as a desperate man, who is so desperate to have power, but has no plans on how to use this power to effect a positive change. And this is the worst thing that can ever happen to anyone , being powerful, but not being able to maximize the power to make a meaningful impact.

Nigerians can tell the differences between PDP and APC having tested both parities . In about 4yrs APC ruined Nigeria to an unimaginable extent , failures in and out and it is most unfortunate and sad that, despite the glaring failures of this government some people are still very much of a diehard fan of this government. Sad ! A friend once said to me , he said “Oracle , there is nothing worst than being in love with your oppressor”. I agree , there is nothing worse. I watch men who can’t afford to feed their families since this administration emerged and they are still saying Buhari deserves a second chance, what ?

Having said enough about Buhari and the APC , on the other hand , the PDP has produced a man of competence and character, that can lead this nation into prosperity and greatness. It is no other person than, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. Atiku is a household name, he succeeded as a custom officer , politician, businessman and above all as a family man. It is safe to say that, someone who succeeded in all endeavors like Atiku is the best man for Nigeria.

You see, APC rode on propagandas to power and it is sad , that they still can’t do without it. The whole screams of Atiku being corrupt is the most stupid thing any APC members or loyalists should ever say. It been more than 11yrs now since Atiku left office as Vice President and has no immunity no more , but EFCC nor ICPC has ever indicted him for anything about corruption. If Atiku were corrupt even as claimed , why did Buhari and APC took his money , used his private jet and influence to ride to power in 2015? APC needs to do better and stop shooting themselves directly while trying to paint Atiku bad. Let me even burst your bubbles a bit , Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was the head of Atiku Abubakar legal team when he contested as President under Action Congress (AC) in 2007. How time flies , that same Osinbajo would say his one time principal is corrupt, it tells a lot on the person of Osinbajo too. Not to forget Garba Sheu, current SSA to President Buhari , who worked with Atiku for 8yrs as his media aide . If he tells you Atiku is corrupt today, you might as well wonder the type of man he is. APC are bunch of liars !

Atiku has done so much for this nation , as Vice President including heading the team that brought GSM to Nigeria amidst other things. As a businessman he has employed over 50k people making him the highest employer of labor in Nigeria. A man like Atiku that can create jobs as a private individual will do better if given the chance to be president. Nigerians need jobs. In a flourishing economy where everybody can work and make good money , corruption would have almost no place to stay. It is bigger than fighting corruption, economical issues should be tackled too and only the Atiku/Obi Presidency can do it better.

Continuing , at this point, Atiku is also a man that we need for the sake of Nigeria’s unity. Everyone would agree with me that, this current administration has fostered disunity amongst Nigerians , from the President talking about the 97% to 5% un-mathematical way of governing to lopsided appointments. Almost every government’s positions and parastatals are headed by northerners , which is not supposed to be so, there should be a fair share in appointments in line with the federal character. With Atiku , having be a detribalized man, due to his marriages across the country, we are positive of a Nigeria full of inclusiveness with no marginalization of any tribes.

The Atiku Presidency would also tackle the issues of the educational sector. Atiku and his running mate, Peter Obi are men of reputable levels , who have shown massive and aggressive interest in education. Atiku owns schools and sponsors so many kids in terms of education across the world. Peter Obi has Governor of Anambra state took the state from the 28th position in the nation’s educational ranking to 1st position. These are men who knows the true values of education and not some certificate-less leaders who have gone about forging results. The Atiku plan believes that, to get Nigeria working again, education must be invested into , in return the educated people would come out with scopes to build a stronger economy for Nigeria.

To round this up, with the Atiku Presidency, the security of the nation would be a priority. The government of Atiku would not hesitate to do the necessary things that our military needs to function as expected. Insurgencies in the North East would also be given critical and systematic approach and hopefully would be crushed. The Atiku Presidency would not hold back in supplying weapons for our military and also increase their standards of living.

Let me retire my pen by saying , other candidates should leave Atiku and face Buhari. Atiku is a candidate like they are, he is not the president. Like Atiku is doing , let them also come out , campaign and show to Nigerians what they have got to offer. The sky is big enough to let everyone fly. But I must also say that, in every question there are options , but amongst the options lies the correct answer. 2019 election is the question, and Atiku is the ONLY answer amongst other options . Don’t lose your vote , don’t sell your vote. Just vote Atiku and we will #GetNigeriaWorkingAgain.


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