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The Ailing State Of Education System And Suggested Recovery Dose – Ayuba Quadri

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The importance of education cannot be overlook in our societies it’s a required recipe and instrument for the growth and development of human race. Globally, education is consider as fundamental human right and equally enshrined in various international bodies laws.

There is no gain saying that the aforementioned “Education system” has been undergoing series of sickness which has subjected its values and nitty-gritty into long years of comatose.

The problem of educational development in the world not only in Nigeria is that of responsibility and control, the conflict between the Federal, State and Local Government in the management of education at various level is one of the prominent problem of educational development in Nigeria. Take for example, the control of primary education is neither fully in the hand of federal government, nor state or local government this a great barrier for effective educational development at basic level.

Education sector that ought to be the superstructure on which prosperity and massive developmental changes be built has been accord little or no political attentions by the leadership hitheto. The status quo of decadence and maladjustment still inhabit the educational sector. Our leaders have failed to realised that the gigantic progress of this country is attached to the development of minds through good and sound learning of the students who are going to be the leader of tomorrow and moreso contributed the large numerical strength to the country. Now, if such students are not adequately furnished with sound and effective learning in school; the consequences would escalated to the would be generation and the progeny.

The underfunding of eduactonal system is another cankerworm that has consistently marred the progress and accomplishment in the educational system. Despite, the recommendation of 26% of the budget of every countries to be allotted to education system as admonished by the UNESCO; the Nigeria govt has never yielded to such recommendation but has actually price down the importance of educational system. As a result of non alacrity and sincerity of the govt to fully promote the progress and develpment of Education sector:

Teeming number of youths have been thwarted to achieve their lofty aims through acquiring sound formal learning that will go a long way as a recipe in actualising such beautiful aims;

In the same token, there is widespread of laggard and subservient students who are deprived of educational facilities to equip themselves to be in per with their contemporaries in other climes of the world.

And again, As a result of impoverishment of Education sector this has led to ” brain drain”; premised on the fact that the academia are not given emolument that commensurate with the service they are rendering. This also would be adverse effect on the students would will lack proper teaching from good academia.

Politicization of Education system; this is amongst the major problems that has been submerging the sustainability of good education system in Nigeria . This problem is charactised with cronyism”I know you” or “Padi Padi” which is unhealthy dose given to the system. The Political dictators in the system can give appointment to their cronies who are devoid of the capacity and knowledge required to run the affairs of the system; chain of events can give credence to the uneducated educator in the system that are manning various school systems. We have teachers in the primary schools and secondary school who cannot construct a simple sentence, how do will expect such teachers should shape the educational life’s of those student under their tutelage. The foul play in the education system is gross. The politicization of education is done in order to avail some mischievous elements in the system to accord themselves unholy loyalty and political considerations.

It’s a known fact that if the teachers are not well treated in terms salaries and allowances; they will not perform better in their areas. And this will bring sabotage to the students. Its quite saddened and disheartening that large amount of monies from the national pecuniary are accord to the Public office holders and the politicians vis-a-vis outrageous salaries, humongous allowances and uncalled for Estacodes(travelling allowances). But the political elites has failed to realize the importance of adequate funding of the education system which proceed is mass based oriented and a monumental blessings for the nation.

In view of that is the Hitlerian type of administration coupled with neo fascism of school management which pervades virtually all tertiary institutions. The school management has become the tools of oppression to clampdown the right of their students; in all attempt to cow them into “political dummies”.
They dont want their students to challenged the status quo which is corrupt ridden which has short changed the the Nigerian students.

The height of corruption in the system of tertiary institutions is another area of concern. Despite the underfunding of universities, the school authorities has continue to diverted the insufficient monies accrued to them through federal allocation and IGR to suit their own selfish interests while jeopardizing the futures of their students.

The highlighted problems mentioned are just few of the numerous problem that has been affecting the development of education system.


* Adequate Teacher Education Training with adequate provision of resources with re-introducing of Teacher Colleges.

* Quality assurance in terms of class size, number of teachers and instructional materials.

* Proper governance of schools and implementation of Schools Management Committees (SMCs).

* Adequate budgetary provision (funding of educational sector).

* Employment of professional (qualified teaching staff)

* Empowerment approach to education.
* Provision of child friendly and teacher friendly school environment.
Review of school curricula for promoting relevant learning and extra curricula activities.

* Admission of students to schools base on merit not political ground.

* Special salary for teachers should be provided.

*Removal of undue influences from the govt.

*Provision of innovation and technological mechanism that will drive in immense growth.


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