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STATE OF THE NATION; Plateau massacre, Abacha loot and 2019 Elections – Gbebikan Adeyemi

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I do not want to bore you with my usual introduction anymore, because by now I’m sure I’ve established this fact that, I do not hate Mr President, every time I’ve to write, it is out of concern for Nigeria and Nigerians.

The state of the nation, it been a while I came around to brief you people about what’s going on, even though you know, but you still don’t know, so because I know , I’ve to let you know, that beyond the mainstream media reports, there are more deeper things that are really unclear to you people.

May the souls of my fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters that were massacred in Plateau find eternal rest, not forgetting the victims of Lagos tanker explosion too. I’m asking my God to please comfort the families of the deceased .They’re in my thoughts and prayers.

The Plateau massacre like every other previous vicious attacks of the Fulani Herdsmen was a sad , painful and heartbreaking event. How can you kill humans in retaliation to or for cows ? When did animal lives now matters more than human lives ? We killed cows when human beings die, but now they’re killing human beings when cows die. What a time to be alive, what a time to be a Nigerian!

The massacre or I better say genocide, because it is becoming a frequently occurring incident is just a lot more heartbreaking with the way the government and security operatives of the nation handled it . The killings had started since the evening of Saturday the 23rd of June and lasted for 24 hours , and security operatives could do barely nothing to salvage the people of Berom and other affected villages in Plateau. It is very clear that the security of the nation is in the hands of compromised people, a report had it that, the Herdsmen after they were satisfied with their gruesome killings stopped and said the military were coming now. That statement clearly shows that, the Herdsmen and some top notch of the military are working hand in hand, which further affirms the statement of the the elder statesman, General TY Danjuma.

Continuing on Plateau massacre, the utterances from Aso Rock further shatters our hearts as Nigerians. A President that took $1 billion dollars to tackle security, said he couldn’t do anything, but we should keep praying for the killings to stop. The Vice President equally said , they’ve handed Nigeria into the hands of God, c’mon ! How else can you define mediocrity and incompetence?

Still on this matter, to think that this same government attacked the Eastern part of Nigeria with operation python dance, declaring IPOB a terrorist organization, just because they agitated that they wanted to stop being part of Nigeria. Note, IPOB never killed a soul, they were rather killed, yet proscribed a terrorist organization. And today here are Fulani Herdsmen that have killed over 8,800 people between June 2015 till date and yet the President has nothing to say , than asking us to pray. This has confirmed the claims that, Buhari is a tribalistic old man, who will protect the Hausa Fulani at all cost not minding what anyone says. The nepotistic nature of Mr Buhari is not new, he freed Shagari(Hausa), the President and jailed Ekueweme(Igbo) Vice President after his 1984 coup.

And to think that it took the mainstream media 12hours to start talking about the Plateau massacre is another sad thing, the Nigerian media houses have been bought not with money, but with fear. They’re afraid of airing the truth now. Democracy almost on it way to extinction in Nigeria!

Lastly on the Herdsmen attack, the President must take actions now, irrespective of tribe or religion, we are humans and Nigerians first, before any tribes or religions come in. Perpetrators and sponsors of the evil maniac should be brought to justice right before us.


Second on our highlight is the , Abacha loot. One of Mr Buhari’s biggest arguments ever is that, Abacha is not a thief or he never stole, well I understand why he is being all that defensive, he was part of the Abacha’s government and equally stole with them. Or where is the 2 billion PTF money? Just few days ago, the Swiss government paid off the Abacha loot and handed over $322 million dollars to the Nigerian government, but to my rudest shock, the presidency has said they want to share the money to the poorest Nigerians. Very stupid thing to say! Firstly , Nigeria doesn’t even have a strong database system that can put together the poorest Nigerians , listing 19 states out of 36 to share the money is even trashy!

On the Abacha loot, the presidency should tell us their most sincere objective, we all know they want to use the money to push the 2019 elections, but smart Nigerians have demanded that, the money be used for something more tangible that we can all see and point to , not some imaginary distribution amongst some poor Nigerians.

And lastly , how does Mr Buhari even feel right now that, the same man he had always argued for , his loots are yet being returned now. Isn’t this a question to the popular lie of Mr Buhari being a honest and and incorruptible man. You said Abacha never stole , yet you received millions of dollars from Swiss government, which is tagged “ Abacha loot”. Buhari is a confused old man. An integrity challenged charlatan!

And to the last thing on my highlight, the February 2019 elections, most importantly the presidential , it is not a new thing to say, I’ve told you , Buhari should ideally not contest, but now that the demon inside of him has pushed him, it is our duty to oust him out with our votes in 2019. More then 10 million jobs lost, economic recession, insecurity, failed campaign promises, etc are the characters of this government.

Buhari doesn’t by any means do deserve a second chance, anyone agitating for his return is either a fanatical Muslim, who wants to have a Muslim President for whatever reason, or a tribalistic Hausa man with the born to rule mentality , who feels only a northerner should rule, or a person who is making money through the pains and hardship Nigerians are going through, or a person that has been promised a position in place of power, and lastly a FOOLISH person.

As I retire my pen, I do ask all Nigerians to get their PVC, permanent voters card and be prepared to go out on election day to oust one and usher in another in the 2019 polls. But before you vote anyone, be sure of who they are !


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