Wednesday, May 12

State of the Nation – Gbebikan Adeyemi

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In a long time, I have not written about the state of Nigeria, because I felt what is happening in Nigeria today is no longer a secret, everyone can literally see what is going on. Nigeria has never been this unsafe for Nigerians and everyone else in Nigeria.

Today, almost as though it is normal, no day goes by without us hearing issues ranging from kidnapping to unknown gunmen attacking individuals and institutions, Boko Haram attacks, etc. These attacks are not normal, and the government has shown weakness on its part to tackle this issue. Too bad.

In the past, North East was the only part of Nigeria where we had serious issues of insecurity, but today not one state in Nigeria is excluded from attacks by terrorists, bandits, or unknown gunmen. Even government institutions are attacked. Private residences of people in power are attacked. Gross insecurity is just the order of the day in today’s Nigeria.

Gbebikan Adeyemi

Continuing, it is very evident at this point that, President Buhari has lost touch in fighting insecurity in Nigeria. And it is now very imperative to seek help from every and necessary source that can help Nigeria at this very difficult time. The President needs to first bury his pride and then seek help at all reasonable costs. Call former Presidents and Heads of State, call the leading political and private figures, call on the international community, sit with all these people and proffer an immediate and lasting solution to the issue of insecurity.

It is very basic, the primary duty of government in any and every part of the world is to protect the lives and properties of the citizens. Today, President Buhari and his government have failed in doing that. As a Nigerian first and secondly as an opposition, I call on President to buckle up or resign. When a government cannot keep up with its basic responsibility, it is only proper for such government to change or leave. If Buhari will not change and fix this issue, he might as well resign and let a capable hand come in to fix this issue.

As a Nigerian, I am tired of waking up every day to see that my brothers and sisters are being killed, some kidnapped, and some become homeless due to attacks on their community. People fleeing from one part of the country to another part, just because they are afraid for their lives. Sadly, their safety is not even guaranteed in the next place they are trying to flee to. Nigeria is unsafe and it is no longer a secret! Imagine having four(4) attacks in a day in four (4) different states. Too bad! Grossly unacceptable.

Rounding up, this government has yet reached another milestone, today Nigeria has rated the least country with access to electricity. It cannot be any better than this, honestly, it can’t. In 2021 Nigeria is still in the dark and President Buhari claims to be working. He must be working very hard to put us in a retrogressive state as a nation.

This article would be incomplete if I don’t talk about Isa Pantami. Dr. Pantami is Nigeria’s communications minister. Pantami in the past made several apologies for Al-Qaeda, Taliban, and Boko Haram. He claimed Osama Bin Laden (a renowned terrorist)was even a better Muslim. Pantami shared radical Islamic views, that should in the right senses be looked into, instead, the government has come out to say, those views were shared while he was much younger. It is unfortunate how they brand him as a changed person, but you couldn’t expect less from a government that rehabilitates terrorists and reintegrate them into society. As the world continues to head right in 2021, President Buhari continues to push Nigeria left into darkness and pain. Very unfortunate.

As I retire my pen, I hope this government will sit up and fix the security problems in the nation, so that our people can be safe again in the land of their own. Weary not Nigerians, there is still a glimpse of hope, there is still a savior. 2023 we will get it right by voting only smart and competent President.


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