Wednesday, May 12

STATE OF THE NATION; defections , Buhari vs Saraki & 2019 elections.

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BROOKLYN, New York | Gbebikan Adeyemi

STATE OF THE NATION; defections , Buhari vs Saraki & 2019 elections.

Each time I have to write about the state of the nation, I take my time to study the whole situation I’m going to be talking about in details , I don’t want to make errors or appear foolish , I’m careful of my words and I’ve my readers at heart. I’m here again , the man whose ink can never run dry, The God Upon The Pen !

Shall I further reinstate my old fact , that for everything I write about Nigeria , I write out of love and concern for my country , it is not to appear like a critic of the government or an hater of President Buhari or the APC. Nobody hired me or pays me for services , I put out state of the nation at every needed time to enlighten my fellow country people.

On July 24, defection rocked the ruling APC , having about 14 of her Senators decamping to the main opposition party, the PDP . Like it wasn’t enough on the 31st of July, the President of the Senate , Dr Bukola Saraki decamped to the PDP from APC . While we were still clearing Saraki’s story, a major PDP Leader, Dr Godswill Akpabio decamped to the APC . It is a moment of defection in the nation. And I’ve told everyone around me , don’t expect only APC to lose members , PDP will equally lose members. Elections are near , politicians don’t care about the people , they’re concerned about their interests and the best platform that serves their interests. In 2014, these whole defection whatever happened very massively and it is happening again, defections come with elections and it is a very normal thing to happen. In the coming days , many will still cross carpet , wherever serves a politician’s interest is where you’ll find him.

Ladies and gentlemen, who will win this war ? President of Nigeria? Or President of the Senate? I’m most disgusted to see that politics have become so petty , trashy and dirty, that the executive will be using the security agencies to stop the operation of NASS. This is democracy, our constitution entailed that , everyone has right to association, if yesterday I joined APC and I want to leave today, it shouldn’t be a problem , it should rather be a welcomed development to foster democracy, but under the Buhari led administration, leaving the APC can lead to war, see Benue for example. The whole show of shame between the executive and legislative arms of government is a big disgrace to Nigeria and democracy! And it is foolish for anyone to think the Senate President staged the whole thing as rumored by some ignorants , the executive controls the security agencies , there is no way the security agencies would align with the Senate leadership to disregard Nigeria and Nigerians , we should rather hold the presidency responsible! And shall I also reinstate categorically that, Saraki cannot be impeached ! Buhari and his money controlled boys (APC senators), should stop building castles in the air .

2019 elections, what shall I say that you don’t know ? It is going to be yet another decisive election, the mistake we made 3 years ago is hurting us today, should we make another in the February 2019 elections , then we are gone as a nation. I’ve told everyone around me, I have no preferences for parties, tribes or religions , my concern is about the nation and I’m giving out support to anyone whose only agenda is a better Nigeria. Nigeria must be salvaged in 2019, enough of electing bad leaders and looters !

As I retire my pen , I want to use this medium to admonish everyone who is yet to get their PVCs , to please do so , it is the ONLY weapon of mass destruction that we have to effect a new change of leadership in the nation.


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