State of The Nation By Rosanje Michael

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ILE IFE, Osun| Rosanje Michael


Nigeria, a pride of Africa turned a state of degradation, a place where corruption, deceit, ignorance, lies, poverty, terrorism, violence and cyber related crimes are deposited, the current situation can be likened to an about to be wedded virgin, who but lost her dignity to rapists. I have come to realise, know and believe that the true definition of success is not the number of cars, houses, ships, companies and filled bank accounts that one has but how impactful one has been to nature and humanity. Nigeria is a country where people endure with laughter, cry with smiles and learn with ignorance.

A country where the corrupts politicians tormenting the poor masses are believed to be Messiahs by the same suffering masses, a country where Yahoo Yahoo is a career, a country where institutions only award certificates and the people are educated on the streets, a country where the poor are getting poorer and the rich kept amassing wealth to themselves, a country where wolfs are accommodated and sheep left in the rain, a country where the true definition of success is wealth and not impact.

The Nigerian government in their own understanding and interest, intentionally decided to not improve the quality of education in the country from being just certificates awarding institutions, to means, to empower children and adults alike to become active participants in the transformation of their societies, this they won’t do because they’d always want the people to be disarmed and powerless. The politicians know the impact education will have on the people and the implications it will have on them, they know the people will have voices to speak, power to fight, mind to genuinely think, skills to implement and execute and knowledge and wisdom to survive them and their evil practices.

President Muhammad Buhari recently signed the #NotTooYoungToRun Bill into law and there was jubilations all over the country with many lauding and commending his move and action, well its really a good news, but one that doesn’t deserves all the cheers given.

After this declaration by the government, interest of youths in politics got boosted and revived, and there came the youths, declaring their interest in creating a future for their country, but I asked, for how long will the campaign of these youths get them into power?, for I’m sure and confident, Nigeria can never be ruled by any youth below 40 within the next 20 years. It only creates the room, chances and opportunities for selfish and self-centered politicians above 50 years shielding under this Not Too Young To Run Bill. These facts is not just about the presidency but the states inclusive as no state will have a governor below 40 years within the next 20 years in truth and reality.

Nigerian politicians understood the fact that improving the standard of living in the country will make almost everyone independent, resourceful and focused, thereby, remoulding their usual approach to elections and governance with nobody willing to be their political thug and nobody to be deceived with a well baked 100 naira agege bread coupled with 2,000 naira vote buying incentives. It is in Nigeria that a politician either as a Governor, Senator, President or any political post holder would be alleged and published by EFCC or ICPC for misconduct and corrupt practices, and in the next election, would emerge as people’s favorite, to get into power and torment them the more. That’s on the politicians episode, the Nigerian problems are sowed by the people and irrigated by the government.

The youths are voiceless and ignorant to realities, our communities and religious leaders are selfish and deceitful, we don’t understand our government but our government really know, understand and comprehend every bit of us. We so much put our hope and future in these governments and politicians. Our future is not just about us individually, but also Nigeria as a whole, Nigeria is a future for every good Nigerian, and we should imagine and extend the same feeling we do have when someone is forcefully and happily obstructing our way to these politicians. The Nigerian police force are corrupt but have we in anyway supported and encouraged them? let’s ask ourselves, before the dominance of Yahoo boys all around, were there anything like SARS harassments?.

We hailed France and Croatia’s Presidents for reaching the finals of the world cup and the most common belief among many Nigerians was that those feats were accomplished because both presidents were young but I vehemently disagree, a youth with no vision and purpose will make no impart. What hope do we have in our youth holding to the fact that these same old politicians were youth of yesterday, will the youth of today that will be the leader of tomorrow not take the mindset, belief and practices of today to the future?

Our Politicians are killing our future, because Nigeria is part of our future, You might be skilled, have talents and know how to find your way, but if you have all these for yourself what will you create for your coming generation.

We are their simplest game, they play us anyhow, we are their most interesting movies, no doubt they watch us with no concern. It is high time we rise and speak and fight with our voices.


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