SPONSORED: Winthrills Introduces Free Advertisement For Entrepreneurs

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By; Oye Ola Oladimeji – ILE IFE

Winthrills Network, a multinational online advertising company has announced to the General public on her readiness to introduce a free advertising platform for young entrepreneurs in the country.

The announcement which was made through the PRO of the organization, states the need to encourage the teeming entrepreneurs in country, “we now have more entrepreneurs in the country, they need a better platform to flourish and the government is not doing much on that which is why we are introducing this to ease the burden on the teeming entrepreneurs” he Said.

He further stated the need of youths to engage in one self empowerment program which will prepare them for the outside world.

Meanwhile, he urge all entrepreneurs to visit www.winthrillsnetwork.com for full informations needed on the offer.


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