Wednesday, May 12

SPONSORED: Rabiu Kwankwanso; The Nigerian Dream

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At a point in time where anomalies in governance and service to the good people of Nigeria has become the order of the day, where the national security in itself is under recurrent threats, where the country’s economy is at an all time low, it is only necessary that strong men who have the will to serve be called upon to take over the wheels of the country.

It is obvious that there is a rooted stagnation in all the sector of the Nigerian economy. Is it power? Is it Labour or Agriculture? Is it the petroleum sector? Or the Educational sector? All this sectors of the Nigerian government is at a demmurage.

Few days ago, the news about the nation-wide warning strike embarked upon by the Nigeria Labour Congress made the headlines. The strike action was embarked upon for just reasons majorly, seeking the increment in the minimum wage of workers. It is no longer news that over Seventy – five percent (75%) of Nigerians live in abject poverty.

I’ll let you do the maths; #18,000 divided by 30 days in a month. Now after you have done that calculation, ask in a market nearby how much a Congo of rice cost. While you’re at it, endeavour to ask how much a Congo of beans cost too. Please do not bother to price Beverages, as you’ll be dissapointed. Clearly, an average Nigerian man cannot afford three square meals even if he wishes to.

The sporadic and continuous killing in the Northern part of the country, by the killer herdsmen, and the Jihadist sect Boko-haram is nothing to write home about. A country which our heroes past fought for, one which our founding fathers fought for it’s government with sweat and blood, is now that which anarchy and stamping on the rule of law has become the order of the day. Clearly it is a shame!

Hence, Nigerians would have no choice but to call on a person who has stood the test of time in governance and service to humanity. A chief servant of the people. A leader whose love for his people is undying.

Fellow Nigerians, today I present to you, Sen. Rabiu Kwankwaso. A man who understands the plight of the people.

Join the #Kwankwasiyya movement today… Make Nigeria great again Thank you. PDP… CHANGE THE CHANGE! #KwankwasiyyaMovement #PDP #SouthWestNigeria

Twitter: @Kwankwasiyya_SW


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