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Sociologists and Anthropologists Work Everywhere; The Deception of Nowhere – Akinola Akinwale

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For the sake of easy comprehension, this article aims at enlightening students about their relevance in the society as graduates or students of any studied course. The article is meant to make undergraduates fully expose themselves to the prospects embedded in any given course even before graduation. It does all these by using sociology and anthropology as a case study. This is as a result of the fact that many students of sociology and anthropology when asked about where they can work, claim to be relevant everywhere,  of which many of such claimants are yet to figure out where exactly they can fit in their society and the likely problems they can become solvers to. This article also encourages the need for students, particularly students of sociology and anthropology, to know the different specializations entails in their course and the one they can be effective in, considering their capabilities.

The problem and recommendation

To begin with my steadiness sustained while doing a research, a research for a course, a “better” field of discipline to opt in for when I sought admission. I’d initially pursued Accountancy, the first exam cleared and it ingrained me with the belief of my admission being farfetched. It was only a mirage, I didn’t meet up to the required cut off mark for the course either was luck by my side to gain me something else, any course at all to bag a degree on.

While I prayed for any course, I’d started a research about courses I’m likely to be given but it never came. I registered for the entry exam again now with my interest changed, changed to a course unfamiliar with some “secondary school graduands”, sociology. Those who had knowledge will nod their head and add an affirmation with a tone of finality, “Its a nice discipline, just study societies”.

I thought it is necessary to narrate a tale of how I embroiled my interest for sociology and anthropology, I’m really titillated and happy studying a course I’ve been poignantly convinced. Perhaps, I was already ambitious before the explosive conviction that came in form of orientation from friends and colleagues.

Well, sociology and anthropology goes beyond the wall we’ve fenced it, it is like every other famous courses- Accounting, Law, Medicine, Mass communication but to mention a few. The truth lies in the fact that we’re ignorant of its existence or barely because few persons who has a degree on it has never had any public office, public recognition. It is a trending and well accorded course in Europe.

I should do a little of orientation within this piece, let me begin with a definition.

What’s Sociology?

-Sociology may be defined as the scientific study of social relationship and its impending factors.

– Sociology is a field of study that critically study, analyze and proffer solutions to societal problems.

– Sociology is a discipline that revive social harmony through the use of systematic approach.

What is Anthropology?

– Anthropology may be defined as the systemic study of man, its evolution, its mythology and its contemporaries.

What comes to the mind of the reader will be, where are employment opportunities open up for them?
A Law firm, university, research centre, Centre Intelligence Agency, customer services, banks, hospitals, civil service, counselling, consulting businesses and many more.

Now, we should put to mind the country we reside where the economic state is in shamble, unemployment rate at its peak. As an employee, how do you hope to be presentable, to project yourself above every other job seekers? How do you vouch of your competence and your proficiency to deliver? Can your knowledge leverage you into the life you aim?

It is left for you to answer but I won’t fail to share my disposition with you.

Many a graduate in the unsmiling street could have acquired a good grade yet them seem irrelevant in workplaces where they sought for employment probably due to their inability to unflatteringly defend their provided credentials. Their cache of files might have been obtained through the back door.

They inadvertently might have been too impractical with the theories rumpled to them. I shave no blames to university lecturers but students whose mind are only designed to read textbooks and materials related mainly to their course. How then, as a political animal will you be able to comment on the political atmosphere of your country? Do you read books that quickly accelerate your thinking facet?

It is so saddening when you ask undergraduates in the faculty of social sciences to tell you where they are likely to be needed and they say everywhere. You want them to give you their favorite area of specialization but they do not know of any. This is inimical to their tendency of securing good job after graduation. This is because before you can achieve your heart desires, you must be able to define and defend it. Many become useless after graduation because during their undergraduate days, they never defined what they wanted in the labour market.

Well, I will provide some basic and basis, for students of sociology, upon which they can make the choice of what they are up to in the labour market. Doing this will require clear definitions and descriptions of the specializations we have in sociology.

Sociology is a broad discipline, but has its different areas and specializations,  which make it easy for students to choose from and attain precision as regards their career. The specializations include: criminology, industrial sociology, urbanization, social change, medical sociology, to mention but a few. I will clearly introduce these areas as much as possible.

Criminology: This discipline deals with a managerial and scientific means to observe, streamline and tackle reasons for crime rate. It is concerned on how to reinvigorate social order and to eliminate upheavals.

Industrial sociology: This is another subdivision of Sociology many people ventures into, precisely the business oriented students. It pertains administrative skills on how to foster and quicken a convenient environment for business activities.

Urbanization: Undoubtedly, technology has preceded many countries to a greater extend. This is why professionals into this field help in the expansion. It tries to figure out effective ways and measures to avoid overpopulation and turbulence in a given environment.

Social change: There’s an interconnectedness between the past and an augury of the future. This discipline endeavours to keep the community abreast on how it is changing socially and purport ways on how we should vary with it. It deals more with the research centres.

Medical sociology: We cannot deny the fact that countries are facing at a high rate, low health facilities and effective medical services. This discipline might not  do the surgery, attend to patient and what have you but it’s required in the medical line to aid them with needed information on how to eradicate swiftly health problems.

As a reader, you need not to be indecisive as to what you want and where you think you can work. Consider the available areas and your interest as well as your abilities in order to make a choice and work towards it.

Conclusively, I hope that the reader has been clarified on the dabbling issues rummaging his mind on the importance of Sociology and Anthropology to the world.


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