Revolution or Abdication Now- Choose one!

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By Adeyemi Gbebikan

Let me start by stating my popular quote, “Some of us are fighting for a Nigeria we won’t be part of, but remembered for”. The Nigeria many of us are fighting for, we may not live to be part of it, but then being remembered for it, is worth the struggle and the fight.

More then ever before, Nigeria needs to be rescued from the hands of corruption, incompetence coupled with failures. This rescue mission cannot and would not be carried out by mere sitting at home or social media agitation, Nigerians in their millions instead need to troop out and show to this current administration that, they are not pleased with what is going on.

Recently I wrote about massive corruption under this government. The corruption under this government is enough reason for Nigerians to want to fight for their country. The massive corruption under President Buhari will only lead us to damnation and nothing more or worse damnation. And to think this government was big on fighting corruption, it literally rode on the propaganda of Ex-President Jonathan being corrupt and that they were going to fight corruption. If this government has done anything about corruption, it means they have only enhanced it to a higher level!

Asides corruption, there are massive loans that this government has incurred from China, in one of these many loans, Nigeria’s sovereignty as a nation was used as bait to get the loan. Nothing, I mean nothing can be scarier than that. Imagine you wake up one morning and the Chinese government takes over Nigeria, due to unpaid loans, shocking right? Very shocking! The loans would have even made more sense, if they were put into something meaningful that can serve the people, instead they are looted and over looted. A government that borrows money only for it to be looted by the people in the same government.

Insecurity has remained a national crisis, there is no way any sane person would tell me that, Nigeria is safe under this government. Boko Haram is active, bandits are killing, everywhere is pretty unsafe. A sitting Governor was recently attacked by Boko Haram, how worse can it get? Bandits killing our people in Southern Kaduna and amidst all these nothing is done, instead, the President says he still very believes in the failed Security Chiefs of the nation. It more like the President is interested in having more Nigerians killed. This government was big on insecurity, only for it to be the chief government that has fostered insecurity in our country.

And more importantly, this government is hell-bent on clamping down on people who want to protest against the mass failure of this government. Anytime the people choose to protest against the failed government, they are attacked by soldiers and police. It is unfortunate that our rights under a democratic system are being abused, this is not only sad, it also undermines everything that, but democracy stands for. One question I have for the evil soldiers and police that are helping this government to hurt and arrest protesters is: “are they really satisfied with the state of Nigeria today? Is Nigeria treating them well enough ?” In case they don’t know, they are part of the Nigerians this protest cares for.

Today, more than ever before, I support the #RevolutionNow movement.


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