#RevolutionNow: Protesters Arrested In Abuja Regain Freedom -Deji Adeyanju

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By Opeyemi Babalola

Scores of revolutionNow protesters have been arrested across the nation. The move for demanding better governance from the Buhari-led administration has been halted and forcefully disturbed by the security agents.

In Abuja, over 29 peaceful protesters were arrested and detained for exercising their human rights by lending their voices for what they want from the government.

Abuja Protesters tortured by security agents : Twitter

According to an eye-witness, Tope Akinyode, Human Rights lawyer, said that about 29 protesters were arrested and beaten without reasons. Akinyode said, “They arrested about 29 of our people. Security officials made them down and beat them. Even as a lawyer I was harassed. They pushed me around. This is very undemocratic.”

According to Deji Adeyanju, a human rights activist, said that all the protesters that were arrested earlier on have regained freedom.

“All Abuja comrades arrested earlier have been released. Aluta Continua!” He said.

This was communicated via his Twitter handle @adeyanjudeji.


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