PEP’s Prematch Interview Vs Crystal Palace

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“The biggest frustration would be finishing a period here at City and the team didn’t play the way you wanted.”

“People talk about numbers (possession), say when Pep won in Bayern it was boring. In Barcelona it was boring. I understand completely”

“…But then understand these numbers: Goals conceded, goals scored, titles. Sorry guys, it was good.

“People say we play our football our own way, it doesn’t mean my football is special or different or better than the other ones.”

“I’m not saying my football, my idea (is better) and the other coaches is nothing and I am special, no.”

“Tony Pulis, who I appreciate a lot, he take care of me like never a manager before. Tony, you are the best!”

“I am not here to make fantastic football, I am here to win the games. I make the fans happy when I win the games.”


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