OPINION: The Mistery Of Pain – Emaculate Ife

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By; Omirin Emanuel – ILE IFE, Osun.

The Mystery of Pain!

When I was a boy, I always
had this great ambition of studying for 5 years. A 5-year course! Turn of events! Tug of war! The tussle for powers! Powers against powers! Now, it’s 7 years and still counting. Could there be anything moral than this in the sight of our leaders?

Can you look into that hungry man’s face after collecting his money and tell him that you have spent his money on your car? Can you look into that child’s eyes and tell him that education is the key yet you chose to lock his school down? Can you look into that your child’s face and tell him that you will send him to my school (a Nigerian university)? I doubt it!

Your so called love is nothing but a love blacken with hatred of old and painted with love for blood! Your so called love is tainted with evil and eaten deep down to the root by termite – it is no love.

Be it love; be it hatred. Perform your duty! Save us from the shackles of strikes that have worn us like clothes. Is it the case that you will make a way to stop your barbaric act of keeping us in the chain for your children to study abroad? But wait why study abroad if our school has not been eaten so deep and destroyed by your barbaric and corrupt heart, and by your kleptomaniacs hands and eyes? With your deaf ears to the recommendation of the UNESCO, you have grounded our schools.

Let me speak! I fear not your worst! My outpour today is not of evil but of the pain every undergrad has. A pain that lurks in the heart of every youth. A pain in the skull looking for a way to escape? Can the youth you have refused education help the country? What purpose do you have for the youth that has been traumatised by strikes? What message are you passing across to them while you send your children abroad at the expense of us – the majority? Even if we can’t travel out for our university education like your children, we ought to have some decent schools here! We can’t afford to live like sheep without a shepherd. We indeed have a shepherd. We indeed have leaders. You need to make us live our lives the way we want it. We need to succeed too! We need education! Labour market is not waiting for us! The age waits for no one!


Omirin Emanuel Kayode
(Emaculate Ife) Is a Student Of Law At The Obafemi Awolowo University Campus Ile-Ife, He is writer and a Poet.


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