Wednesday, May 12

One Man, Many Views – Gbebikan Adeyemi

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By now, you should know I do not know how to write, I’m just trying. But really my writing in one of the most anticipated writings on online. True to my words in the new year, I will write more life changing articles than the usual political articles that I’m mostly known for.

Life is big, very big. One major mistake we make as human is our desire to please everyone. Your continued desire to please everyone will make you fail.

You are a man, you are one. But you must be sure to know that many have a different view about you. For example, a man can be a pastor, but to his wife he remains a husband, to his kids he is a father, and to his congregation he remains a pastor. But he is still ONE MAN.

Like the pastor in my example above, dear reader, you are one,but you have got many views from different people. Taking myself as an example, in some people’s diary I’m stated as the proudest being they ever met in their lifetime, well, in my inbox I have a lot of messages from folks saying they’ve never met a man as humble as me. That’s life.

Sometimes ago, some set of men accused me of being very stingy, initially I tried to argue the accusation, but then I asked myself, am I not the same man, whom many have tagged the most generous? It is life, people cannot all see you as being outrightly good or overwhelmingly bad. They see from different angles and perspectives.

Dear reader, never let the negative verdicts pull you down, that’s the side of you the person or persons can see, be sure other hundreds of people are somewhere seeing the very best part of you and appreciates you a lot. Yet you are ONE MAN.

As I drop my pen in my bag, I say to you, in 2017, remember that you’re ONE, remember that people see you in different ways, remember that they will pass verdicts the way they see you, remember that the veridcts maybe positive and maybe negative, but never be carried away by whatever verdicts. That’s just life.

Thank you!

Happy 2k17.

Gbebikan Adeyemi.


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