MOZ 101: A Window into the Nocturnal Sexual Lifestyle of OAU Students

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By: Olaniyi Olayemi – ILE IFE, Osun.

The assorted aroma of Suya and Risky aerates the atmosphere of Anglo-Moz car pack in gastronomical combats at a time which according to African cosmology is the exclusive preserve of bloodhounding witches. Only that in Obafemi Awolowo University, Anglo-Moz is a rendezvous for nocturnal amorous activities for youngsters; a prelude to the alliance between Testosterone and Oestrogen. Wittily, this tryst is aptly called MOZ 101 because the bulk of those who in a manner of speaking ‘offer’ this ‘course’ are freshmen. Ladies clad in indoor wears are seen outside in flirtatious positions with handsy men. The bum shorts, the skimpy transparent gowns and skirts, and clothes of sultry appeal sore the eyes of the salvationist.

But what do these ones care? The rigmarole of quotidian academic activities in OAU, they argue, can only be relieved with stimulating activities that are worthwhile. This exercise in evangelistical quarters is forfended bringing the University in a paradox. On the one hand it is diurnally famous for extreme religiosity but on the other hand betrayed by this nocturnal flirtations under the cloak of darkness on daily basis. From popular belief, MOZ 101 is reprehensible. To some though, it affords some social advantages to the participants. Reflecting on his experience, Yosi, a part three student gave an indifferent view on the rightness or wrongness of engaging in a MOZ 101 or any related experience arguing that morality is very relative. A colleague of his was rather biased on his stance. Seemingly religious, he argued how amoral such venture is.

He granted though that if it was so inevitable to engage in any lewd act under any epigram, no public place on campus should be used. By extension, MOZ 101 is a metaphor used loosely for any salacious act engaged anywhere on campus. Motion ground – jocularly called emotion ground -, Faculties of Agriculture, Environmental Design and Management (EDM) are popular spots where a lot of sexuality takes place in OAU at night, the most notorious of all is the Faculty of Agric. It is the choice of most people because of its strategic location on campus. On getting a partner in the mood, Yosi spoke empirically that MOZ 101 is a stimulus and response reaction between two people. As a man, certain things can be used to stimulate a lady. “Suya and Viju milk for example”, he said.

Olaniyi Olayemi Luke is a Social Critic, a Poet and He is Currently a Student Of English Education at the Obafemi Awolowo University.


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