Wednesday, May 12

Moshood Odunayo Olajide Throws Weigh Behind NASU/SSANU Struggle

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As students continue to be divided over the appointment of the new Vice Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University with many against the litigation sponsored by members of the Non Academic Staff Union (NASU) praying a federal high court in Osogbo to declare the appointment of Professor Salami (The new VC) illegal. Moshood has however support the members of NASU stating that their demands cannot rendered irrelevant.

Speaking in an interaction with The Sniper News, He Said, it is not politically and Ideologically correct, infact, inappropriate to condemn or criminalize the actions of the members of NASU as I have read several comment which can be situated within this context, Such comments clearly contradict the teachings, spirit and principles of democratic government which we are practicing in the country.

On the argument that NASU members are fighting for their interest, speaking in an emotional – ladden tone, Moshood said those saying that, are unfair to the plight of NASU members. Which interest? Is it fighting to ensure that a workers friendly administration emerge in OAU that is interest? Is it fighting to ensure that their 64 month earned allowances are paid that is interest? All these are legitimate demands which they are still pursuing within the ambit of the law. Their actions are justifiable and not interest driven at all. He continued by adding that Many children of these people have dropped out of school owning to the school management failure to pay their earned allowances. “If all Great Ife students are children of NASU members, won’t we support them when our studentship is at stake”? He said rhetorically.

When quizzed on the allegation that some students from the left movement receive bribe from a VC aspirant to support the cause of NASU members, he quickly retorted, go and ask them yourself he said. I am not a member of the left movement he added. He however warned that anyone portraying himself as an activist receiving bribe from aspiring candidates of the Vice Chancellorship position is not only drawing the battle of the workers backward, but creating negative impression about the actions of NASU members to students.

In his words “Anyone collecting bribe from VC aspirants are incorrigible rogues, students should publish the name of anyone found wanting as regards this while appropriate measures should be meted out on such individuals, he further added.

On ‪#‎OAUSAYNOTOANOINTEDVC‬ which emanated from him. He said: #OAUSAYNOTOANOINTEDVC did not emanate from me at my own discretion, though I initiated discussion on the need for students to participate in the appointment process of the Vice Chancellor and students on the group (OAU WIKILEAKS) unanimously resolve that the group name be changed to the hashtag. That is how the hashtag went viral.

He however made some
Clarifications on misinterpretation spreading around on social media. In his words, he said “I never suggested that Great Ife students should anoint any candidate aspiring for the position of the Vice Chancellor as I believe we don’t have enough strength to do that for now. Going by this, I now suggested that students can participate in the appointment process of the Vice Chancellor through a transparent public debate where students can be able to ask questions from the outgoing and incoming administration. I never said students should anoint any VC candidate. Transparency and full democratization of the appointment of the Vice Chancellor is what I advocated”, Moshood said.

Meanwhile a federal high court sitting in Osogbo last Friday postponed the court proceeding to 17th of June, 2016.


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