Wednesday, May 12

Moral in dying state

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By Opeyemi Babalola

Moral is part and parcel of human existence. Where Moral is lost in human, such human being remains incomplete. It is no longer news that our moral has been devalued by an individual that possesses it. Sadder enough, some sects of human beings have traded their morals for monetary value, enjoyment, and all sorts of nonsense that dirty human beings.

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Back in the ’80s, the golden age of politeness,  where marriages were done in such a way that when a husband wants to have intercourse with her wife on their wedding night, they both prefer to see the blood out of the woman’s virginal( An act that tells how diligent and okay the wife is, commonly found in Yoruba culture) and some sects of the families. This is part of the moral women upholds then; but now, they’ve all lost this value. The reverse is the case this time around. 

Sometime around October 2019, many right-thinking people of this great Nation including the head of the National Council for Arts and Culture, Olusegun Runsewe, all condemned the melancholic act of Idris Okuneye, known as Bobrisky who has now taken to social media flaunting her breasts, hip and all-related features of a woman. Runsewe condemned Bobrisky and appealed to Nigeria Youth to look away from choosing Bobrisky as a role model. This shows the degree some people have gone to trade their morals for money.

Interestingly, where Moral falls, culture dies. Many children in this new age always find it difficult to speak the language of their mother’s tongue. We have allowed and embraced civilization to tame our culture, ethics, and moral value. Civilization has done more harm in helping many people to forget their morals. It’s in moral to uphold one’s first language dearly. But civilization is making people forget their first language. During the French colonial rule, they tried to force their morals on their subjects making their morals and culture superior. The poets in that era woke up and fought for not allowing the plan to see the light of that day. 

The persistent rate that our moral in Nigeria and Africa is falling is getting out of hand. In the educational sector, grades are allotted to students who have two things to offer; one, to those who have money to pay for results and two to those ladies who can offer nice moments with lecturers. The brilliant ones now find it difficult to be rewarded for their hard work. This is really on the increase on our campuses. The moral has fallen from both the lecturers and students. 

In the media ethics/moral, it’s a saying that brown envelope is castigated as bad and should not be taken by any reporter. Some reporters still go out there after covering press conferences and still demand for money. This is part of professional moral decay. Professionally and morally, it’s not encouraged to indulge in such activities. Most newspapers try to tell the public that no money or in any gratification should be given to their reporters, as they know that some bad eggs are among the reporters.

Moral decadence can be given a restructuring for a better look. First, the journey of reviving our morals begins with the people. The family must as well contribute to helping in building a good moral in a child.


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