Man Utd lose Sancho Transfer Deal

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By Fajembola Olamide Emmaneul 

Manchester United have actively been in the pursuit of Jadon Sancho since the start of the transfer window with Dortmund setting August 10 as the deadline for the business as they are to start their Pre-season training, while some are all saying people at Manchester United believe that deadline is an artificial one just to threaten them into Rushing a deal.

Dortmund’s Sporting Director, Micheal Zorc, confirmed on Sunday that the England international won’t be moving this Summer as they’ve increased his contract till 2023 in a bid to maintain their stance on his future.

Due to past records with Players like Dembele and Aubameyang, Journalists around the World believe Dortmund will still sell for the price they want, But will Manchester United go that extra mile to get their priority target?

The England international is said to have agreed a 5 years contract with Manchester United as he’s willing to make the move but his club remains adamant that their £108 million valuations should be paid if possible in installments, Manchester United are ready to do business but as reported have been frustrated with the slow pace of talks and Dortmund’s refusal to negotiate in person as the negotiations have been through agents, Manchester United are reportedly ready to pay £90 million (£70 million now and £20 million paid over 2 years) with the remaining £18 million in performance-related Add ons, Why Dortmund are insisting on £108 million total packages with no Add-ons are a bigger Fee upfront.

Many believed Manchester United will still continue to negotiate the Deal even after Micheal Zorc’s statement yesterday but will Manchester United finally succumb to that huge demands? And will Dortmund still agree to do business even after their artificial August 10 deadline? Those are the questions going round amongst Manchester United fans, for now, as the transfer window won’t be closing officially till October 5, there is still much time to negotiate a deal or look for an alternative signing.


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