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OGBOMOSHO, Oyo State–Fawole Israel
Last week I wrote on Local cocktails, decency and the “I-Care” Attitude our Students Union aspirants display during electioneering period. This week I will be writing on the annoying things Ladokites do, you know me; I can’t see and not say.
Believe me, I have seen a lot within my time on this campus, Ladokites are funny, Interesting, proud, humble, brilliant and well behaved, However, they could be extremely annoying, I mean, they have some very unbecoming habits that just, permit me to say, stinks. (I included, of course. I’m no saint). These annoying habits cut across all faculties, departments, and levels. You can decide to agree or disagree on these facts, but one thing, however, that I’m sure of is that this article is going to get me quite a few enemies (yippee!)! And I will love you to inbox me your comments or either ways publish a rejoinder.
I actually really don’t know what to ascribe this very annoying culture and tradition of Ladokites to, most Ladokites, creating a whatsapp group is a career job, personally I’m on 88 Whatsapp groups apart from my church, family and departmental group, (kilode se won fi se yin ni) and seriously if one makes an inquiry with the principal admin of such page on the purpose of the group being created, you will realize it’s all for a frivolous discussion. Please next time before you add me to any group seek my permission.
on this, I’m one of those that have this impression that the attribute of ‘Forming’ can only be found among the girl child; you know with all the Brazilian, Mongolian or Peruvian hair, latest blackberry or I-phone labels, first grade bend down select, et cetera, phony accents even when they graduated from Ogbomoso high school (you know what that means, Lol); but then I came across the shocking fact; guys too, do form!, and this is how it’s being done among most guys, for example, King Scooky borrows a shirt from Kunle, belt from Emeka, and borrowed a car from Mustapha then goes all out on campus as if his dad is Dangote. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not begrudge a person who tries to look good or feel good about himself; but why do you feel the need to project what you are not? Why must you elevate yourself unnecessarily? Why must you spend your last kobo on buying the latest shoes just to feel among? What does it profit you to dress well and drink Garri when you get back to your one room apartment?
Now, this is serious, A Ladokite will see his/her course mate at Amazing or any other eatery and decides to ignore him/her just because he does not want to pay the person’s bill! That is what I call shameful! It happened to me once. I was eating and minding my business with my food, the ‘Ogunfe’ is very big at Mama Foyeke’s canteen @ stadium, and this guy I know from Biochemistry just entered, our eyes locked and me being the ever-courteous comrade that I am, wanted to hi him and he just “looked the other way”. Then I thought, “Did he just snubbed me because he doesn’t want to pay for my food, did he think for a second that I don’t  have the money for the food I ate? Anyway, I paid his bill that day and he was like, “Oh my God, I didn’t know you were in here, thanks” (he’s got poor acting skills, by the way).
My mystery here is, what do students enjoy in hoarding a course material, ok, you want to have 5 points, nothing wrong with that but why would you, for Christ ‘sake, want to prevent others from passing? And these set of people that hoard materials are often the ones below an average passed students. I have quite a number of them around me, and believe me, the lengths these people go to make sure others don’t get course materials, would have been laudable if it were not so depressing. Dear hoarders, we are now in the University not secondary school, so, please grow up!
Oh boy, I am quite guilty of this ooh (smiles). I mean, I know I wouldn’t date a lady yet I’ll continue keeping her around for emergency purposes. For example when I’m bored and need some company or when I need to take eat, (I’m cruel right?) but seriously, it’s not fair on the other party. Feelings are involved and really, you do not know how devastated the person will be when you hand them the red card. So, ladies and gentle men like me, let’s just be considerate a little bit, if you know you have no intention of dating that guy or the lady, just let him/her go so he/ she could find someone willing. But if you refuse to stop, you just might get strung along yourself, it’s a vicious cycle.
Ladies are particularly guilty of this, imagine someone just called you and says, “Hey, I’m in front of your hostel” or the more brazen ones that know your room numbers will just knock on your door and be like, “Hello, I’m here”, in my mind I’ll be like, really! What if I’m not around? People can be so ridiculous. You want to visit someone; the least you could do is call them and
actually ask if it’s convenient. That’s what I call common courtesy!
Sometimes, I think the institution name ‘Lautech’ be changed to “Republic of Whiners”. Poor me, when I was in my 100L; I had no idea what I was in for, I had some lovely room mates who should be crowned King of Whiners. Anytime I cook and they comments, oh Israel, this food is sweet, I will be feeling on top of the world, not realizing they only ate the food because they have no option at that moment of “Ogbomosho Igbeyin” and you know as fresher , you will always have money and foodstuffs.
Electioneering time is my favorite period. Why? Because it is when you see people who would ordinarily not look at me twice, start smiling at me, saying stuffs like, “Hello sir”, “How are you doing sir”, Good day boss”. It’s so hypocritical and pretentious, if you ask me! Immediately they get elected into office, they forget all about you. But I also learned to maximize that opportunity, I mean, I make sure I get free lunches and dinner from them because they are always willing to please. But then, what can I say.
This is the funniest part, someone sees you, let’s say at Adenike school gate, and he/she still went ahead with this question ‘Are you going to School Or they saw you with your bible on Sunday morning, you will still be asked ‘Are you going to church’? Lol, this I’m sure almost everyone is guilty of; we really need to change on that!
These are also part of the trends in Lautech
I welcome your suggestions an

d criticisms any day

About Me: Fawole Israel is a medical student at Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomosho, Oyo State, he loves writing, reading and meeting people. he is a reporter for thesnipernews network.


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