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INTERVIEW: GoPoethick2016, The Stage Is Set – Mr. Victor Adewale

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By; Mustapha Mutiat, MAINLAND, Lagos State

GoPoethick, an annual art expository event on Obafemi Awolowo University Campus is set for the 15th of this month.

The event which is regarded by many as the new face of Art exhibition on Nigerian campuses, promises to bring more excitement and enthusiasm for the lovers and non lovers of art.

In this interview, our reporter Mustapha Mutiat Damilola met with Mr. Victor Adewale, the director of the GoPoethick, who gave us insights and what we should expect in this year’s Event.

Enjoy reading the interview below……..

Thesnipernews: I’m Mustapha Mutiat Damilola, a reporter for Thesnipernews network, Can we meet you?

Veekthur: My name is Victor Adewale, I am a poet, blogger and an Art enthusiast, I am the director of GoPoethick 2016. A poetry, Music and Arts festival that started last year.

Thesnipernews: Nice meeting you Sir

Veekthur: It is my pleasure.

Thesnipernews: Can you tell us how gopoethick came into existence? Its purpose and goals?

Veekthur: GoPoethick arose out of the need to create a platform that would bring poetry and all other forms of arts into limelight in.Nigeria, particularly my school, Obafemi Awolowo University. The long term goal is to reach out to other Nigerian higher institutions and give them same platform.

Thesnipernews: how easy is it for you to get partnership from other platforms to support this dream?

Veekthur: We were not able to get partnership from other platforms But we really got support from different angles in different ways.

Thesnipernews: Do you mind naming the support groups and how easy it is to have their support?

Veekthur: We have Poets in Nigeria, Words Rhymes and rhythm, QualityPoets, ThePoetry Court, Glory suites hotel, Janicuts, Alimi.ng,OAU gossipz, seal magazine, and of course your news platform. We have more but the list is endless.

Thesnipernews: The event is taking place by July 15 I guess?

Veekthur: You guessed right

Thesnipernews: How have you been able to fund this event?

Veekthur: I cannot answer that here, all I can just say is that; it has been quite challenging.

Thesnipernews: Apart from funding this event, what other challenges do you have?

Veekthur: Time and stress management too, It has been a pleasurable challenge

Thesnipernews: Where is the venue for this event?

Veekthur: Pit theatre, Obafemi Awolowo University.

Thesnipernews: The management of Obafemi Awolowo University has shut down the institution, what effect will this have on the venue of this event, will there be a change in venue?

Veekthur: If anything as such would happen, it would be duly communicated But our venue still remains “Pit theatre” for now.

Thesnipernews: Whats your view on the shutting down of the school?

Veekthur: that is “un-Gopoethick”. So, I am not saying anything about that.

Thesnipernews: Apologies Sir. What is the uniqueness of the event and what should we expect after the event?

Veekthur: No apologies ma. It’s alright. The event is unique because this year, we are going to have a fusion of poetry, music and arts in the same platform. We have the best of poets and high profiled artists to that effect.

Thesnipernews: What personality and dignitaries should we be looking out for?

Veekthur: Attend the event to discover.

Thesnipernews: What advice do you have for upcoming poets?

Veekthur: First, there are no “upcoming poets”. You are either a poet, or you are not. My advice to all writers (not even poets alone) is that you should read more than you write. You would be better than you used to be.

Thesnipernews:.Thank you for your time Sir, we wish you a successful event.

Veekthur:Thank You, It is my pleasure.

Mustapha Mutiat Damilola is a student of English Education at the Obafemi Awolowo University, She’s a reporter for Thesnipernews network


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