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How to Overcome Depression

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How To Overcome Depression.

BROOKLYN, New York | Gbebikan Adeyemi

As you’d think too, I’m wondering too, but not every time politics, sometimes I tackle common issues in the society as well. Read on, enjoy !

By now the word “DEPRESSION” is not a new social phenomenon to us, we all have heard it and understood what it means. It is a severe feeling of despondency and dejection, capable of leading to suicide.

Continuing, depression has ONLY one end for every of it victim and that’s DEATH. If you don’t escape depression through help of family and therapists , you can’t escape suicide !

Over the times , I’ve realized that, people are more committed towards the causes of depression and have not paid too much mind towards finding the solutions .

It will be a waste of time and energy to further lay emphasis on the causes of depression, instead I’ll move forward to highlighting possible solutions towards how to get out of depression.

Firstly, people should not be worriers . It has been observed that people spend more time worrying over things they most likely cannot change , thus leading them into depression. As much as there are reasons to worry, worrying isn’t still an ideal thing to do. Worrying ruins the health , leading to high blood pressure and some sort of diseases . Worrying also ruins the mind , the more people worry, the more their minds get ruined and often times when the mind is damaged , suicide becomes the only option. It is very advisable that people should stop worrying and just do the right things to get out of whatever unkind situations they find themselves.

Secondly , people should avoid being isolated. Loneliness is a very bad thing to indulge in, never try to be lonely , even though there could be moments when privacy is golden, but hey don’t ever be a “one man mopol” , living alone, going out alone , doing everything alone. It is a bad thing, even God made human beings so that He could have people to communicate with, that was why He couldn’t even allow Adam to live without Eve. God understands the importance of constant communication. Loneliness leads to worrying , worrying ruins the mind and a ruined mind is most likely going to commit suicide. Everybody needs a companion!

Thirdly , having the magic habit. Magic habit means that, a habit that whenever you slide into it , it helps you forget all your worries and anxiety at once. Everyone needs a magic habit to save theirselves from depression. You can’t beat it, sometimes the whole unfriendly challenges of life comes knocking, but having a magic habit can swing you away from that thought and stabilize you and help you get better.

Continuing, having vision/goal is key to overcoming depression . You see when you have a vision/goal of what you want to achieve, suicide won’t be an option. I’m not saying some of those who have committed suicide are visionless people , but people have killed theirselves based on current situation or circumstances, but anyone who has a strong foresight for the future and what lies ahead , who is convinced by his or her dreams will fight through whatever current unpleasant situation to make sure his or her desired dreams are achieved .

Lastly , trusting God . This might not be peculiar to everyone , as I’m sure that atheists might be opportune to see this , but for me I have a strong conviction that , God is a major solution to coming out of depression , His words are light and life , God’s words renews the soul and give directions towards life. Try God today and see the changes that will come after.

As I retire my pen, I believe you and I can work together to put an end to this maniac called , depression, Let’s kill depression before it kills us.


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