Hold Our Parents Responsible – Gbebikan Adeyemi

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Our parents , most especially mothers are wonderful! They’ve done so well to make our lives better.

They invested their time to teach us a lot of things, except one thing. Everything else they taught us, we grew better in them, e.g. Cooking, respecting elders , house chores, dress sense and more.

Our parents have done a lot ,to see us get better and God is faithful, we are better and growing to become best.

But, let’s go back to one thing they didn’t teach us, they didn’t teach us about SEX and Its components ; inter-gender relationship,romantic relationship and stuffs.

Their own failure to teach us all of these prompted us to go learn, cos we are been daily disturbed by sex. When we tune in movies, walk around the crib,we can’t escape not seeing or hearing about sex. We had urges to know what sex and its components were like.

Out of desperation we went out to learn, but sadly many of us got in the hands of old perverts or some even pedophiles, thus feeding us with inordinate information about sex, which has shaped many of us into another brand of perverts!

I’m still very much positive that, if many of our parents had taught us sex in details, many of us would have remained virgins, even if perhaps we have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Hold it all to the necks of our parents who failed to teach us about sexual perversion, not us who have gone to learn from the devil, cos every other thing they(our parents) taught us, we are perfect in them today, perhaps they schooled us enough about sex, we would have done better to keep our virginity and be conscious of our inter-gender relationship.

Let me retire my pen, by urging parents to take charge and teach their kids ALL lessons, not sparing one aside. We know only the things we learn, whether good or bad.

Gbebikan Adeyemi,
(King Oracle, Olu Aye).


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