Hajj 2020: 1,000 Arab Muslims Perform Rites

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By Salimon Quadri

The every year pilgrim of Muslims to the Islam holiest land, Meccah, Saudi Arabia that started on July 29, has today been concluded after the performance of the final ‘tawaf’ known as Al-Ifadoh at Ka’bah- a cubic structure Muslims face while praying.

The pilgrim is one of the five pillars of Islam that is a must to the able-bodied ones and at least once in a lifetime.

PHOTO CREDIT: Google, Meccah.

The usual participants’ rate of the pilgrim which is one of the world’s largest religious gatherings was not the case this year due to the deadly virus.

According to the report made available to us, only 1,000 of the Muslims residing in Saudi Arabia were able to participate in the 2020 hajj as aliens were not allowed into the country.

Health authorities also said that no coronavirus cases were reported during the hajj at the holy land.

Pilgrims who were on masks returned to Mecca on the final day of hajj after throwing sterilized pebbles at a wall symbolizing Satan in Minna- a close city to Mecca, to bring the ritual to an end.


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