Wednesday, May 12

Few Days To America’s Election ; A Game Of Choice Between A Bigger & A Lesser Devil – Gbebikan Adeyemi

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In the past few years I have been a very good student & a very careful observer of the American politics. I’m so much familiar with the government of Mr George Bush up to the current reign of Mr Barrack Obama.

Initially when the struggle to White House began very seriously in mid 2015,I was on the same page with the billionaire business mogul,Mr Donald J Trump. I liked Trump so much,because he is very vocal & never cared to be politically correct in his statements, he just wants to hit the nail on it head. I had a change of mind on the billionaire when I read his verdicts & plans for Africans. His verdicts & plans portrayed him as a core racist. Racism is not my way nor my style, as such I had to make a U-turn in my support for Mr Trump. No regrets doing that till date, as more reasons like; sexual assaults, taxes return saga,etc has emerged.

Having made a U-turn,Madam Secretary of State,Hillary R Clinton was the most considerable option. I took my time to study on why I should support Hillary,my study was a short one,as I only studied about the bright part of Hillary, making me convinced she was good enough to be the POTUS. Time is a very nice friend. A little more time could give you a good reason on why & why not you should take an action or decision. As time flies,more light began to shed on the person of Hillary. All of these exposed e-mail secrets weakened my love for Madam Secretary of State. I feel sad not being on same page with many Africans, but I better stay neutral!

Today,before the great people of America is a man & a woman,whose most actions symbolizes evil, however there is one who is a lesser evil & another who is a bigger evil. I’m not to tell you who the bigger or the lesser evil is,I count it all your duty as Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans or what have you,to take your time to study who is more evil between the two candidates before the eligible Americans who can vote come November 8.

As I retire my pen,I wish to state I have no preference for any candidates for the Oval Office. Anyone who comes out winner on November 8 is fine by me.

Thank You.


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