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EXCLUSIVE: My 2019 Victory is Inevitable, the masses and God is behind me – Captain Ojo Adebiyi

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Captain Ojo Omotade Adebiyi, an aspirant into the Ekiti State House of Assembly on the platform of People’s Democratic Party come 2019, in this interview with Oye Ola Oladimeji, the 30-year-old representing the Ijero Ekiti Constituency explains his intentions and plans for his constituency, most importantly, the plans to integrate the youth in his administration.

Who Is Ojo Omotade Adebiyi
I was born in Ijero Ekiti into the royal clan of Ojojoye and Oyiyo. I’m one of the son of Late High Chief Jacob Oluwafemi Ojo, the Elewere Odogun of Ijero Kingdom, the pioneer chairman, Ondo State and Ekiti State motor dealer association.

What Is Your Educational History
I attended St George’s Anglican primary school in Ijero Ekiti for my primary leaving certificate and proceeded to Ekiti Baptists High School Igede Ekiti in 1994 where I did my Junior WAEC and later proceeded to Omotade College Ijero due to my dad’s advice and later finished my secondary education in Ekiti Parapo College Ido Ekiti in 2002. I attended University of Ado Ekiti in 2004 and graduated in 2008 where I studied business Administration and came out with 2.1 second class upper. Also went for some professional courses on Maritime at Regional Maritime University Accra, Ghana and India In which am still studying.

You Are a Philanthropist, A Traveler and an Activist, How Has That Help Build The Man You Are Today?
I got the philanthropic legacy through my late father and also emulated it through the word of God. Being a sailor and traveler, it exposed me into many things in life in terms of my reasoning, development, making economic decisions, having a vision driving goals and etcetera, it also built my believe towards my career and call for voluntary services, because I have seen much about bad and good but evidently, a bad phenomenon overshadows the good in this society, though it makes me to believe that there is nothing in life than to allow your sprit to be used in the hands of God, like Solomon, the Bible said, when he became a king, He asked for the wisdom of God by his humility.

What Do You Think About The NotTooYoungToRun Bill That Was Recently Passed By The 8th Senate?
A flashback on our past leaders like Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, Tafa Balewa and host of others, it can be deduced that this entity called Nigeria was handed to them in their early 20s and 30s by the British government before the takeover by the Nigerian Military, the youths of then are today regarded as the founding fathers of this country all over the globe. Being a youth, you have much energy and ability to think and act facts. Nigeria is a nation not a state, therefore, it needs a youth to act fact and bring things to the table of the good Nigerians. Age and health have limit, it’s now that you can move around and use the youthful age for the progress of the country. For instance, Jesus Christ was very young when he began to liberate us. At the present developed Nigeria, most of the projects was did by the youths, the third mainland bridge, Aso rock, International Airports, Sea Ports etcetera was built by the youths in those days. This is a nation, a nation need a youth to get things done.

There’s a News of You Nursing an Ambition Towards the 2019 General Election, How Factual Can This Claim Be?
It is a well-known fact and am 100% ready for the race, I have contested in 2007 under NDP, then I was closed to winning but something occurred. Am vying as Member, Ekiti State House of Assembly come 2019 representing the only Constituency in my local government and the second largest populated local government in Ekiti State according to National Population census in 2006. Thank God I was among those that worked with IPU (Ijero Progressive Union) to achieve the good work, as the financial Secretary then nominated by Ajero of Ijero kingdom, Oba Joseph Adewole Adebayo. Before the population census we didn’t have numbers in the state but now we are well recognized. I have so many records and history that will fight on my favor. The first being the good legacy my late father already emboldened in the state and secondly, the influence my royal family has cannot be over looked in cases like this, and more importantly, I have the masses that believe in me and God is there for me as well. Besides, I have contested before for same post in which I was the youngest in Nigeria then to have contested for the post in which I was been interviewed by Nigerian Television Authority. Moreover, I was once a Students Union President of Ijero Local Government Students Union, again I was nominated by Owa Ajero as the caretaker Secretary committee of FISU Federation of Ijero Students Union and during our dispensation we did perfectly well. I have worked in so many ways for the benefits of my local government, People believe in me that I have the zeal to navigate the Vessel of the local government at State House not just to support the motion but to move the motion for the benefits of everybody and not for anybody. Even when I was in secondary schools in those days, pupils and school authority have vote of confidence in me in terms of sports, debate and developmental zeal. I was a school prefects in all school that I attended. In St George’s Anglican primary school, I was the vote of confidence in sports, in Ekiti Baptists High School as well, in Omotade College I was the time keeper of the school since my SS1, In Ekiti Parapo College I was the Class Captain, Food Prefect Boy and President Boarding house students. Even in my church am an assistant pastor that head a branch and head some departments at the headquarters then. People knows that I belong to PDP and it’s very clear in my Constituency that I have most vote of confidence. Even in October last year. I wrote a letter to Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State concerning my town Ijero Ekiti and thanks to God and my leader and boss that he acknowledged my letter and now Ijero town is developing. We can have our commercial Roads being dualized and street lighting, all this you can follow me through social media to confirm the vote of confidence my people have in me. Furthermore, I have my 10 point agenda and in which I have been posting them on social media for people to know my intention for the goodness of our dear Jerusalem Ijero.

Are You Saying That the Experience Narrated above is enough to win a Political Sit in Your State and Nigeria In General?
To me, I believe with that and God by my side, I will win the sit. Election now in Nigeria is based on personality and your dividends to the people. People have tested me and they have seen the quality in me. Even some political party are lobbing me but am for PDP, in PDP I can move and deliver the dividends of Democracy to my people and Nigeria. The key points of my agenda brings an attention of my people to me and besides, I need to work when I get there so that my Constituency will be proud of me without being favoring a group of persons but for the masses.

What Informed Your Decision to Re-contest This Political Race, Knowing Fully Well You Were Once An Aspirant For This Same Position?
Well, it’s just a race that you suppose to make in order to utilize the power and strength you have for your people. I have so many reasons for vying again. First, in the 90s we have 2 Constituency in my local government, and suddenly it was changed to a Constituency and we are the second largest populated local government in the state, besides, nor of our representatives that had ever emerged as a key officials if you should look at the past leaders there since 1999. So I decided to run again in order to fight and bring back our lost constituency, with this, I will work hands in hands with all political officers representing my Jerusalem both at the Federal, State and Local level. I believe in 2019, with God all things are possible and I know that God is the one that said I should run. So I believe Ijero will regain back their lost glory with the unwavering support of my people both home and abroad.

You Are a Former Motivator at African Youth Greengate Foundation, Does That Gives You An Extra Energy To Go Into This Race?
Yes, It gives me more power and strength to perform the duties with God fearing approach, I’m very energetic to perform, even being a sailor I do sail for some months without resting for just few hours in each day. So the energy is there for me to deliver to my people, am just under 30s And being an activist too and a sailor captain, With that, when I was with Hepa global energy a company affiliate with dangote oil and gas, with my commitment and concentration within 2 months I was promoted, so I know myself and people are very proud of me that I will deliver to them. Even in church they trust my commitment, same at African Youth Green gate Foundation

In The Political Sphere, What Can You Make Of The Nigerian Youth?
Well, to my best of knowledge, am a youth like them, I want them to think big for the masses not self-centered. With them as a good example others will emulate from them, and am going there to let our leaders knows that youths can still perform better and reach the goals of the masses. France president after the election that ushered him in at the age of 30, he appointed the individual that contested against him as the prime minister of the country, this is what I think the Nigerian youths also possess, to look beyond parties or ethnicity and work together for the progress of the country.

Who Are Those You Look Up To In Politics, That Instinct In You, The Passion In Vying For A Political Post?
I do appreciate our leaders, both at home and abroad cut across all tiers of government, but to be frank, my boss Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, Babatunde Raji Fashola are those I look up to when it comes to national politics and Emmanuel Macron, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton at the international scene.

What Characteristics Do These People Possess That You Loved About Them?
Governor Fayose, I love his inspiration from grassroots and his love for the masses, Fashola, I love the way he transformed Lagos state with creation of LASMA and host of other evident achievements during his tenure as the Governor of Lagos state, Tinubu, I love his leadership style, France president Emmanuel Macron all inclusive governance which includes appointing his opponent at the poll as the country’s prime minister , Obama’s leadership roles as well as Hillary Clinton’s during and after the US election is what I will always look back to.

If Elected, How Do You Intend To Develop And Integrate The Youth In To Your Administration?
I will engage myself in town hall meeting in every 4 months. Youths will have 80% of my movements and concentration, myself being a youth, it will be easier to know their needs and work towards achieving it with them, I will organize international conferences for the youths in my Constituency. I will make it my duty to expose them to the international community. In terms of education, I will support them, in their dream I will drive with them. Bills will be sponsored that will favor the youths.

Given The Recent Updates about Nigerian Youths, the Activities of NANS and Students Leaders in Nigerian Campuses, Do You Think The Nigerian Populace Should Trust The Affairs Of This Country Into The Hands Of The Youths Come 2019?
Youths are making move in the country now because in the last 5 years, NANS wasn’t well organized but now that our youths has been exposed to international communities via social media and others, lot of changes has occurred among youth leadership in the country. In terms of development of the country, youths are making move seriously, take a look at NCY (Nigeria Council of Youths), you can see that their commitment and agenda is for the development of the country. Former NANS president contested against Senator David Mark in 2015 general election in Benue State, and again, he went to court of law to challenge David Mark’s victory and court nullified the election for the re-run before Senator David Mark won again. Our leaders believes in youths than themselves but due to some selfish interest, it will be hard for them to admit that. It has gotten to a time that the generality of Nigerians, both home and abroad develop trusts in her youths, few bad eggs among them shouldn’t be a blockage of disapproving their chances. The French people believes in youths and that was evident in their election polls, same as the United State of America, you can see that Obama was in his 40s when he became the president and he did well.

If Elected to the Ekiti State House of Assembly Come 2019, What Type Of Bills Should We Expect To Be Sponsored By You In The House?
I have to follow the left over bills before I move a motion. Am going to make a motion for the creation of more Constituency in the state, women empowerment, neighborhood security bills, free education at the primary levels, more creation of jobs, implementation of international investors, youth empowerment through small scale loans with the partnership of bank of industry, state farmers empowerment with the partnership of bank of agriculture, bill of compulsory of prepaid meters for each building in the state including Toll gate bills.


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