EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Helping The Needy Can’t Be Exterminated From My Life – Bamidele Temidayo

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Exclusive Interview with the Founder of the Indispensable pioneers, Mr. Bamidele Temidayo in Ile-Ife, Osun State. Read Excerpt Below.


OYE: Good Evening Sir, I’m Oye Ola Oladimeji from The Sniper News Network, Can we meet you please?


BAMIDELE: I’m Bamidele Temidayo Samuel


OYE: Ok Sir, before we go further, we will like you to tell us a little about your background Sir?


BAMIDELE: Briefly, I’m a diploma graduate of Federal Polytechnic Ede, currently studying Estate Management in the great Obafemi Awolowo University, 200 level. Am a lad who’s gotten great passion for helping people, plus am a social media personality who’s gotten flair for journalism, I’ve taken the opportunity to utilize writing skills in major areas in life. A wider scope of life has been my motivation. Currently based in the ancient city of Ile Ife. Hobbies include travel and tours, writing, singing, dancing amidst others. This is just a peep into my life.



OYE: Your Organization, The Indispensable Pioneers is set for her maiden edition of reaching out to the poor and needy in the society this January, Can you please elaborate more on this??


BAMIDELE: Yes, permit me to correct this,

It’s not an organization, but a movement.

The movement is geared to reaching out to the poor, helping the helpless and supporting the needy.

It’s birth out love for charity and it’s set to kick off its maiden edition in January.

January 28, 2017 to be precise, the movement’s members in collaboration with all supporters and lover of charity will be reaching out to the needy.


OYE: Nice meeting this great personality,


BAMIDELE: My pleasure sir.


What are the aims of This Project Sir?


BAMIDELE: The major aim of the project is Charity — giving back to the public (concentration on needy and helpless) giving them a reason to hold on to life. Associated with this main aim are purpose of uniting January borns (a coinage of the word _pioneer_); to slash the cost of birthday parties thrown, to reduce expenses on ephemerals and target it towards giving to the less privileged. To explore our member’s world by turning their dreams to realities, helping people with no thought of getting paid, is the main aim and resurrecting the word *giving* in its original meaning.


OYE: Ok Sir, to the next question; As a youth, what can you attributes your passion for charity to? What has been your drive?


BAMIDELE: Am I youth really or a teenager? (Laughs)

My passion for charity is akin to air. One that is life, that can’t be exterminated from my life and I can’t do enough. Its indispensable characteristics


OYE: Smiles, We will like you to give us the scope and structure of this Movement as well as the criteria of becoming a member?


BAMIDELE: The scope is simply a cursory target to the public. Open to spreading out arms of love to everybody, it’s structured in a dynamic way with an alcove for membership and participation to generality of the public. The body of head is a team of seven and down lines of January born. Any birth recorded in January and believed in the ideology of charity so well automatically become a member just by showing interest and to participate in giving to the public and in showing love which is a daily custom, but an invitation is made to the public, I mean EVERYBODY, annual date of celebration to mark a general charity action is picked and they’re most welcome to show higher degree of love.


OYE: Giving the task ahead of the program, what has been the challenges so far??


BAMIDELE: Hummmm, so reasonable to avoid the word “problems”. Successes are not recorded with problems but challenges that charge one with responsibilities of achieving goals. Challenges faced since are numerous, but before embarking on the project, whose projectile is a lifetime and after life; some challenges are anticipated and when they roll on in reality, preparation makes the walkover smooth. The major challenge faced is Fund. Lack of sponsorship has really tied so many projects to their knees, monies to utilize the mapped out dreams are crappy. Other challenges are minor and been tackled by human management skills of the body of executives. The minor challenges are part of the obligations and I can record as success stories. A must-to-have!


OYE: Good, your response will lead us to asking how you have been able to get sponsorship and volunteers for this event.


BAMIDELE: As just replied, sponsors are really pending, request for sponsorship has been sent and hopes are fainting. Volunteers are not readily available, we have made move to radio station to seek for sponsorships and we still have high hopes. I hope reviews on this will motivate people to get hands into the movement


OYE: Given the fact that many charity organization has come and gone within a given period of time, what mechanism is in place for the sustainability of this project to distinguish this from others?


BAMIDELE: The permanence of the movement is the first to be considered right before its existence, the time frame before birthing the movement was spent projecting the future of it. Now that it’s here, the mechanism for its sustainability has been levied on the founding members, executives and every member of the movement. We’ve started planting branches as near as Ede and as far as Lagos. Some active members are placed in authority to establish arms within their jurisdiction and empowered to execute obligatory duties on the movement’s behalf, huge publicity has also helped the movement and will be the mechanism employed in rowing the movement’s boat to Canaan. Dynamic tactics to be used in making the Charity movement grow and stand tall as fast as possible will be device by the head in charge of logistics. A distinguish feature of the movement is her member’s freedom to bring in as many members as possible, an imperative factor for growth.


OYE: Ok Sir; In the next 5-10 years, where do you see The Indispensable Pioneers??


BAMIDELE: ‘Laughs’,

Just way beyond the top riding the horizon, Lord knows better though.


OYE: Before we round up Sir, what can you tell the teeming agile youths in the society as regards reaching out to the poor and needy in the society??


BAMIDELE: Exactly what the message is, we’re doing what we’re preaching. WE should all embark on a journey into the future that tells better of us later. And like I’ll always say “Look inward and outward, give to those that needed more; that you’ve gotten more and wanted less”. Love, no matter how small, should be given to all, even as a smile. Help, no matter how small, see different from trending lavish spending, the order of the day, but, Do well to make people hang on to their dreams till actualization. Yes, We CAN


OYE: it’s been a great time with you Mr. Bamidele, we really appreciate your precious time


BAMIDELE: It’s my pleasure.

Thank you


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