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Today, domestic violence is one of the most pressing issues in our society. It always break my heart to see horrible pictures & videos of women being wickedly beaten by men.

Contrary to the internet, domestic violence is not restricted to the celebrity marriages alone, even the unpopular marriages are hit by domestic violence. This stigma is now even so rampant, that even in a common relationship, ladies suffer abuses from their boyfriends & husbands​ to be.

Over​ the times, I have told every victim of domestic violence that I met directly or indirectly that, every abusive marriages or relationships has just one answer- quit it!! Nothing more, nothing less.

Ladies need to understand that, there is no excuse whatsoever they’ve got to remain under the same roof with an abusive husband or boyfriend, because incessant abuses certainly leads to death. I’ve heard couple of women saying, they remain with the abusive men, cos of their kids, and I ask, if the man eventually kills you with beating, those kids will be motherless, which makes it a double loss for them and for you(woman).

I have also told every lady I’ve met, who still stays with a guy that hits her, while they ain’t even married, that she’s is crazy for still being with a woman beater. It is pure craziness.

To the men, I certainly know how frustrating women are, I’ve a mother, I have my girlfriend & a lot of females friends around, I know they’re certainly annoying, but hitting a woman still remains not the way to punish an annoying woman. Real men have many other technical ways to make a woman feel sober & come to her right senses, other than beating her like she’s a slave.

I retire my pen by saying, dear ladies flee from from any woman beater, if possible get his ass arrested for battery & stay till you see him pay dearly for beating you. And to the guys, it is better you stay single if you can’t cope with the women frustrating ways of life or better still develop another means to instill discipline in your wife than beating. And ladies stop being stupid and crazy with the way you talk at men, men love being politely talked to, learn to respect the man. Thank you!!

Gbebikan Adeyemi,


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