Wednesday, May 12

Desperation with no plans; a case of Nigeria’s President – Gbebikan Adeyemi

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Even though for a long time, I have heard people saying or thinking or assuming that, I do hate the President. This is untrue , I love the President, I’ve only shown my displeasure to his manners of running the country.

Moving very quickly, history is everywhere, only the idle minds won’t know or hear about history. I really do not want to talk about the days he ruled us as military dictator,but let’s travel down memory lane since 2003 till date.

In 2003 , Mr Buhari choose to run for presidency, he lost. In 2007, he threw his hat again and lost. 2011 was even more exceptional, he contested, he lost , he threw the nation into a chaotic state, refused to talk nor apologize for the massacre unleashed by his supporters and at the end promised not to run for presidency again with deep tears. How interesting!

Well, in 2014 he showed interest again, in December of the same year he won the party nomination to run , under the newly political coalition , the APC. Their change mantra was everywhere. Promises of different kinds, lies upon lies , tales upon tales. The desperation to rule Nigeria was high. It was like a do or die affair. Threats upon threats.

Now , this is the message. If a man was so desperate to rule Nigeria since 2003 , logically you would think he really has a mapped out plans that would turn Nigeria around in probably four years. Still on logic, if you lost three consecutive elections, and by chance you won the fourth one, ain’t you suppose to perform beyond expectations? At least to proof us who were against you wrong. Buhari betrayed the hopes of those who loved and voted for him!

Even after winning the 2015 election, he had two months to plan before his inauguration, but this man was rather concerned with moving up and down. He got into presidency, took him six months to form a cabinet, you would think his cabinet would be the best ever, due to the time taken to form it, but it is the most ineffective and shallow cabinet ever formed in this country.

In the space of May 2015 till February 2018, a lot has gone wrong in the country. The worst corruption case in our history happened under this same government whose slogan was anti corruption. The $25 billion NNPC fraud case. The rate at which the unemployment in the nation grew is beyond human comprehension , using August 2016 index, 4.58 million Nigerians became jobless since Buhari became president in May 2015. The Fulani herdsmen massacre, unfair treatment and killings in the South East. Inflation in the prices of things. Unimaginable fuel scarcity. Lopsided appointments. Reckless official statements from the presidency, to mention but a few has been the character of this government.

I’m deeply saddened that, despite how much this man craved for power in Nigeria , going through a lot of rigor to win , how could he have won and have performed woefully? It only shows Buhari is a not a wise man. He has no plans whatsoever. He is clueless, has no vision or direction. He is only consumed by lust for and of power. He is only desperate in to rule , not to change Nigeria has he and those who marketed him told us.

As I retire my pen, let me further reinstate that, I am deeply concerned by every bit of action , incident and occurrence going on in the nation. I also have a sense of responsibility as a citizen to talk on every issue going on. And again today, like I have been doing, I challenge Nigerians to get their permanent voters card (PVC) and that in 2019 we should unitedly chase this man back home , he of course has nothing to offer, he is only desperate to rule , and his desperation has brought nothing but failure and any further attempt to have another Buhari presidency for another four years, means we would perish as a nation.

Gbebikan Adeyemi,


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