Wednesday, May 12

Covid-19 Can’t End The World, Quranic Perspective

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By Opeyemi Babalola

The new coronavirus cases as of today in the world are 12,196,923, with 552,771 deaths and 7,093,765 active cases. The novel coronavirus which emanated from China at the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020 placed at least 110 countries across the world to welcome the spread of the virus in the early month of March 2020 following the World Health Organization, WHO, declaring it as a pandemic. It’s of no news even to a newly born baby’s ear that the world is on isolation.

Ever since the outbreak, different measures have been put in place to curb the spread but it seems that this is what many people believe in that will end the world. All social, religious gatherings and even businesses are crumbling. But not even COVID-19 will crumple the world. We’ve started experiencing the minor signs of the end hour but the major signs are yet to appear. The major signs are the passage that will lead the world to destruction.

Among the minor signs of the end time are; The coming of the last prophet, Muhammad bin Abdullah, which has come and go. Secondly, the conquest of Jerusalem, praying and cleaning the unbelievers which has been achieved by the second caliph, Umar bin Khattab. Thirdly, imitation of the young by the old. Fourthly, the emergence of women showing their nudes and lastly, frequent occurrence of sudden and unexpected death (COVID-19). All these were the minor signs that I’ve happened and still happening. The major signs will take power when all these have come and leave.

The major signs include the coming of Jesus, the arrival of antichrist, Dajjal, and more. During this time, the antichrist will arrive from the east with one eye, frizzy hair, and on his forehead written the word, Kafir (Disbeliever) that everyone sees and understands it.
After his arrival, he will ensure he visits the earth except Mekkah, Medinah, Jerusalem and Tor, the angels won’t grant him entrance into the lands. His reigns on earth last only forty days except that first day equals a year, the second a month, the third a week and the rest of his days are like human days. Where he was misleading the world with pseudo miracles, Jesus will then appear to save the world. Jesus will redeem most women taken by Dajjal as they will be his highest victims during that time. Jesus appearance will come from the Eastern minaret of Damascus. Upon noticing Jesus, Dajjal will make his escape towards Jerusalem but Jesus will slay the Dajjal at the gate of Lydda in Palestine. After killing Dajjal, he will then uphold Islamic principles all over the affected places caused by Dajjal and pray behind the Mahdi.

Here comes the Gog and Magog who rush from one hill to another in search of water and drink all available water including lake Tiberias, until they are defeated and killed. Many historians further said that a beast will appear from the earth.


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