Wednesday, May 12

Car bomb explosion at Syria-Turkey border claims 20 lives

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No less than 20 lives were lost when a car laden with bombs exploded near a checkpoint close to the Bab al Salama- some meters away from the Turkish-Syrian border in northern Syria.

The checkpoint was manned by a group of Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) Jabhat al Shamiya close to a car depot nearly two km (one mile) away from the border crossing when the deadly explosion occurred.

Among the 25 victims injured in the blast, eight were in critical condition and taken to Turkish hospitals across the border.

“It was hell with many bodies torn and mangled with metal parts from smashed and charred cars,” said Abdullah al-Sheikh, a young mechanic said.

Rescue workers thronged the scene of the incident following the explosion as they rushed dozens of injured to the nearby Azaz hospital.


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