Wednesday, May 12

Buhari is responsible

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By Opeyemi Babalola

The leader is the first point of contact for every action and inaction in an organization. Buhari is the president of Nigeria. Every leader always takes responsibility. Our dear President and all other bodies should be responsible for anything that concerns the country.

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A leader is not worthy of calling if he’s not ready to welcome blames, criticisms, jerkoffs, and invectives.
Death increasing, famine rising , Insecurity is on the rise, and the president is not responsible, okay, who is responsible then?

President Buhari upon taken oath of office in 2019, said that the ineffective governance of PDP in the last years may hinder him from performing. A leader whose people’s trust rested on his shoulder doesn’t talk in that manner. It gives regression and revoking of likeness for such a leader from the people.

Buhari believes in his fellow Fulani-Hausa men to any other tribes. Most of the top appointments were given to either a typical Hausa or Fulani indigene. This has caused a line between the tribes and birth tribal war among Nigerians. Where a Hausa exists among Yorubas, such Hausa is living at the highest risk of his life and vice versa.
Buhari has been showing a sign Nigerians regarded as Kokanmi in Yoruba parlance, a popular music song by Qdot. Invariably, if Nigerians know that this is the attitude a leader whom they have put trust in won’t perform, they wouldn’t have voted him in. Most Nigerians are regretting their second support for Buhari.

During his bid for a second term, he deceived Nigerians with bogus promises. Promise like 24-hour electricity, Creation of Jobs, etc. Now that the citizens are expecting to harvest the promise, came the maker of the promise failed.
Nigerians are God’s creation on earth who don’t easily forget things. Buhari has been written as a leader with facade promises in the heart of even those who are yet unborn.

The responsiveness of the Youth nowadays to challenge the Government is getting high day by day. The gullibility is enough from the part of the Youth as they are seen protesting against EndSARS and other vices in the state. The ineffective governance of President Muhammad Buhari has served as a wake-up call to making them working towards the saying that: ” Youths are the leaders of tomorrow.”

Buhari’s manner of approach to EndSARS compare to Boko Haram tells us that the president places affection on his tribe over tackling national Insurgence. Last year, we see his Excellence granting pardon to the arrested Boko Haram members to join the league of common men on the street. Whereas police brutality and Sars officers are hampering the lives of your citizens.
Buhari’s acceptance in 2015 was due to Jonathan’s inability to halt insecurity and other vices. Buhari won people’s hearts because of campaign strategy. The lapses of Jonathan were used against him and served as a campaign target for Buhari. Buhari’s second term has shown that the people are too gullible of his fake manifestos. Lessons learnt from Buhari tell that manifesto isn’t the first thing citizen should be looking for before voting can be cast for anyone. It goes beyond the manifesto.

The Northern region is bleeding. Buhari hasn’t done anything tangible to curb the menace. Last year, it was reported that Daura, the state of the president was restless with Bandits disturbance. Imagine the President’s state for that matter. It tells how possible can he manage a country of 36 states with federal capital inclusive
Buhari’s mode of governing can be described as a dormant/sleeping kind of leader, a sleeping leader who does not take an active impact on the government’s activities. This has unarguably left the citizens come 2023 dilemma on whether to believe in Nigeria’s politics or not.


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