Wednesday, May 12

BUHARI: I repeat, Aisha’s place is in the kitchen, not politics

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President Muhammadu Buhari has insisted that his wife, Aisha belongs in his kitchen, his living room, and the other room.

Contrary to efforts by his media handlers at down playing the statement of the President, he once again restated his stand that she truly belongs to those places and that her job is to look after him.

It would be recalled that there has been widespread criticisms over the president’s statement while responding to questions over Mrs Buhari’s complaints about the composition of his government, especially in the area of appointments.

The president’s media handlers also tried to control the effect of the statement by insisting that he was merely joking.
However, president Buhari, in an exclusive interview with DW’s Phil Gayle, insisted that it was Aisha’s job to look after him and nothing more than that.

Asked what he meant by the widely criticized statement, the president said: I am sure you have a house. … You know where your kitchen is, you know where your living room is, and I believe your wife looks after all of that, even if she is working.”

Asked if that’s his wife’s function, Buhari responded ” Yes, to look after me.”

On Mrs Buhari’s participation in politics, the President bluntly said “I think she should stay out of politics”.

On the Gender Equality Act that failed at the National Assembly, the president said his government will see it as part of the constitutional laws of the country if the lawmakers eventually pass it.

On the relevance of the Act, the president said it is a good thing only if it is culturally accepted throughout the country.


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