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Arts/Lifestyles: Death Till Sunrise, Sunrise Till Noon

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By; O’tobiloba S Bankole

Death Dawn On Ikorodu.

Dawn till sunrise, sunrise till noon

We played and love

We dined and wined

We merry and lived in ferry

But just like the wind, death blew us apart.

Sunset almost in golden glamour

And just before dawn, at that blink of the fast fading light,

Loneliness crept into our harbor

Bludgeoning the existence of our very beginning

Sadness killed the light our eyes shone with

And just like the rage of a storm, death tore us apart.

I wonder in my quavering voice

How meaningless it was living a life when parting is the end of it.

Those moments spiced with splendors;

pleasure mixed with pain…

And when it was about to get interesting, death parted us…

I am lonely… I am sad… I am sick

Death has taken my treasure away…

O’tobiloba S. Bankole is a 300L student of Law at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, He dedicated this latest poem“Dawn till sunrise, sunrise till noon” to the victims of the Ikorodu massacre.


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